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Learning Does Not Stop Just Because School Does

“Learning never ends.” “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” “Learning never exhausts the mind.” We’ve all heard phrases to this extent countless times. If such age-old words are not enough to nudge y ...


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Read more about - T.E.D. Awards 2017: Hear From Your Winners

T.E.D. Awards 2017: Hear From Your Winners

It was a night of celebration as congratulatory greetings were rambunctiously uttered and generously chanted around the ballroom of The Westin Singapore, where the second annual JobsCentral Learning Training & Development (T.E.D.) Awards too ...

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5 Tips to Write a Killer Elevator Pitch

By Geralyne Kaye Ong Perhaps a term more commonly used at interviews or meetings, an elevator pitch describes a condensed executive summary of sorts, which conveys a concept across to an audience in less than a minute. So how does one successfully c ...

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What Does ITM Hold For The Future Of Our Financial Sector?

Finance is marrying technology and it is going to change and mould the future of our financial sector in Singapore. There is no denying that technology is, has, and will reach out to each and every single part of our lives. And more recently, it can ...