17 Aug 2020

A (Re-)Introduction to JobsCentral Learning

Article on - A (Re-)Introduction to JobsCentral Learning

In today’s uncertain climate, the importance of continuous learning cannot be overstressed. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have manifested in the lowest employment rates in recent years, wisespread work-from-home arrangements and workforce restructuring, and an increase in demand for necessary skills in digital technology and healthcare.
“Upskilling” is the major buzzword of today, as governments, companies and individuals recognise that they need to keep up with the changes through acquiring new skillsets and refining current ones. As digitization spreads, more and more jobs are becoming automated or disappearing altogether, while new opportunities in technology take their place.
Which begs the question – if I want to start upgrading myself, where should I begin?
JobsCentral Learning is our answer.
JobsCentral Learning is a convenient one-stop portal for all your learning needs, providing resources for students, working professionals and everyone else in-between with all the information you need to make a decision about your next learning steps.
The portal offers different types of content that cover all bases about further education, including:

  • HIGHER EDUCATION – Obtain a Diploma, Degree, Masters / PhD or Professional Certification from licensed public and private institutions in Singapore. These are awarded by prestigious universities like University of Newcastle, Australia, University of Plymouth, UK and Murdoch. Institutes of higher learning conducting these courses include PSB Academy, Kaplan and MDIS.
JobsCentral Learning is also proud of hosting the annual Training & Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards, which recognises and rewards higher education providers and training course providers for their achievements in addressing learning needs, resolving challenges and demonstrating success in delivering category-specific initiatives. These awards provide legitimacy and recognition of the level of learning these course providers achieve.
Want to find out more? Simply click here to browse courses and course providers and get started on your learning journey! To find out about a specific course, simply proceed to the respective pages of the intended institutions/training providers on our website and send them an enquiry.
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