19 Jun 2017

Unique SkillsFuture Courses

Article on - Unique SkillsFuture Courses

Perhaps one of Singapore’s most successful initiatives, SkillsFuture encourages Singaporeans to adopt lifelong learning and take charge of their personal development. Better known for its Credit scheme, it gives eligible Singaporeans an initial credit of $500 to defray training course fees, and have no expiry date.

While most tap on this scheme to further their professional skillsets, there are actually other SkillsFuture eligible courses available catered to hobbyists or those looking to switch careers. So if you are looking to pick up a new skill or two, here are four unique professionally certified courses for you to consider.  

Chef Dreaming
Although many of us do not have the same skills and flair like Gordon Ramsey when it comes to cooking, one can always aspire to be an actual chef. So if you consider yourself the master of your kitchen and want to further your skills, why not try your hand at culinary arts?
Conducted by renowned local culinary school, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, the holistic course covers theory and focuses heavily on practical lessons. These practical lessons conducted at Asian and Western restaurants, will give you the opportunity to refine your skills and gain real-world kitchen experience.  

Knead with Love
Riding on culinary arts, if baking is something you prefer, there are also courses like bread making. Covering the basics of baking bread, this course teaches you the science behind a good toast and provides a hands-on approach to learning.
However, if bread is not exactly what you are interested in, the Baking Industry Training Centre has many other courses available that range from fancy cake decorating to noodle making!

For those who have fashion in their blood, this one is for you. Get nimble with needle, thread, cloth and learn the ropes of the fashion trade with this course in Fashion Technology. Delivered via interactive lectures, discussions, case studies and practical exercises which cover design concepts, to product development and garment construction. This introductory course will give you a comprehensive look into the inner workings of the fashion industry.

Life Saving
More than just a life skill, learning how to administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and operate an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) efficiently, can save lives. Additionally, this course will equip you with the skills to perform first-aid to a bleeding wound and fractures! Definitely a good skill to have in your pocket, especially for those who enjoy long hiking trips and partaking in physically demanding activities, and those in the physical fitness profession.

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