13 Sep 2016

SkillsFuture: Other Awards and Programmes Offered

Article on - SkillsFuture: Other Awards and Programmes Offered

Better known for their Credit scheme, where every eligible Singaporean receives $500 to offset their training course fees, SkillsFuture is the national movement which encourages lifelong learning. However what is lesser known, are the many programmes and initiatives offered under the SkillsFuture umbrella. In fact, SkillsFuture currently has more than 10 active awards and programmes, with new ones added periodically.

Here are three other slightly lesser known awards and programmes offered under the SkillsFuture umbrella, catered to specific age groups and career maturity.

SkillsFuture Qualification Award
Formerly known as the Continuing Education and Training Award, the Qualification Award seeks to motivate employees to attain full Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). In a bid to encourage professional development, this award rewards Singaporeans who continually pursue WSQ courses with monetary benefits - regardless of the number of attainments. 

Those successful in obtaining a WSQ Diploma, Specialist Diploma, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma, qualify for a cash award of $1,000. Additionally, those who achieve a WSQ Certificate, Higher Certificate or Advanced Certificate, will qualify for a smaller cash award of $200.

Skills-Based Modular Courses
Skills-Based Modular Courses offered are flexible and modular. This programme targets mid-career Singaporeans who want to upgrade their professional skills. Focusing on specific skills instead of full length certifications, the programme looks to make training easily digestible for employees.

Aside from a customised course structure, mid-career individuals who attend these courses are eligible for more subsidies. Courses supported by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency are eligible for up to 90 per cent course fee subsidies. Employees who enrol in other courses like those funded by the Ministry of Education, whether full-time or part-time, will receive at least 90 per cent of course fees subsidies.

Young Talent Programme (YTP)
The purpose of the YTP is to equip eligible Singaporean talents from the Polytechnic or local universities like Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University, with relevant industry skills for when they enter the workforce. The programme gives students the opportunity to gain this valuable global work experience, through a variety of overseas immersion programmes. Students who are accepted in the YTP would also receive basic living allowances – easing the financial load off their families.

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