18 Dec 2017

31 Exciting Career Options for Psychology Degree Holders

Article on - 31 Exciting Career Options for Psychology Degree Holders

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”
– Abraham Maslow, Psychologist
As a human being, being an expert in human behavior is a distinct advantage. For instance, having adequate self-awareness would most likely lead to smart academic and career choices, which are vital elements in navigating through life. That’s where psychology comes in. Studying psychology gives you a broad range of skills that span both science and the art and opens up opportunities with a variety of employers.
Psychologists probe the complex ways that people think, behave, feel, communicate, and perceive the world around them. Some psychologists focus on clinical work with patients, while others devote themselves to researching the nuances of psychological behavior; in any case, psychology is a vast discipline, with numerous career options to choose from. Aside from personal development, studying psychology can further open doors to more advanced studies, fulfilling careers, and make a significant difference in the society.  Ergo, learning more about how the mind works is undeniably a benefit for all individuals in one way or the other.  To those thinking of pursuing the deep path into the human mind, you’ve probably hit this roadblock before: “What can I do with a psychology degree?”

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to reach their education and career goals is failing to truly explore and research the career paths they plan to pursue. Some of the obvious questions you should ask yourself are:

·         Does the career path fit my personality?
·         Would doing this job, day in and day out make me happy?
·         Pay Check Vs Passion – What is the typical salary enough to reach my income goals?
·         How much education will I need to secure the employment?
·         What are the costs of investment and time that I have to commit to my education?

Since Psychology has numerous subfields, it has become an appealing option for diverse students. Its flexibility is an asset that is quite applicable to today’s fast-paced and multi-faceted organisations. The following are 31 exciting career options for you when you become a psychology degree holder:  

1.      Administrative Assistant
Having a psychology degree would make you a desirable candidate to provide support to managers and fellow employees. Administrative assistants deal with routine office concerns and pertinent clerical tasks.

2.      Career Counsellor
Career Counsellors zero-in on helping individuals find a good match between their skill-sets and occupations.

3.      Cognitive Psychologist
Professionals who work in this field look into mental processes such as thinking, memory, perception, and decision-making. They work as professors, researchers, and consultants.

4.      Child Care Supervisor
Child care supervisors are mainly employed in child care facilities and are responsible for employee training, parent meetings, and supporting child/parent relationships.

5.      Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychology focuses on diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Aside from working in health care settings such as hospitals, clinical psychologists are also employed in government offices and schools.   

6.      Counselling Psychologist
Counselling Psychologists help clients who have issues in dealing with extreme life events such as death of a loved one, work stress, and other psychological crises.  

7.      Cross-Cultural Psychologist
These experts look into how behavior varies across different cultures. This career path has been increasing in popularity due to globalisation.

8.      Developmental Psychologist
Developmental Psychologists focus on how individuals change over time. The experts in this field cover a wide array of concerns from developmental delays to Alzheimer’s disease.

9.      Educational Psychologist
You would want to consider this career if you are particularly passionate about the academe and techniques in improving students’ learning outcomes.

10.      Experimental Psychologist
Experimental Psychologists utilise the scientific method in verifying and knowing more about behavior. They often work in research centers of diverse institutions.

11.  Engineering Psychologist
Engineering Psychologists help make products and systems more user-friendly by preventing hazards and technical faults.

12.      Family Therapist
Family therapists zone-in on intimate relationships. Thus, they are also often called couple therapists and marriage counsellors.

13.      Forensic Psychologist
Forensic Psychologists serve as a bridge between the study of behavior and the judiciary system. They assess criminal behavior, witness credibility, child custody, and related elements.   

14.      Health Psychologist
Sometimes referred to as medical psychologists, these specialists deal with recovery from an illness and techniques in acquiring healthy habits.

15.      Human Resource Officer
HR personnel are responsible for selecting employees, training newbies, enhancing employee relations, overseeing compensation schemes, benefits administration, and company risk management.

16.      Life Coach
Having a psychology background is essential in actualising your dreams to be a life coach as the profession involves illuminating goals, working on financial independence, and other aspects of achieving work/life equilibrium.

17.      Marketing Specialist
As a psychology degree holder, you would do well in the marketing and management arena due to your background in creative skills, group behavior, and understanding personalities.

18.       Neurologist
Psychology is an ideal preparatory course for medical school, specifically if you would specialise in neurology, which is highly focused on the brain.

19.      Nutritional Psychologist
Nutritional Psychologists focus on how diet influences people’s behavior such as emotional states and illnesses. 

20.      Parole Officer
Having a psychology background is helpful in evaluating and monitoring parolees as it entails helping inmates get ready to be reintegrated into the society.

Many students aim to have a B.S. Psychology degree as a starting point for their Psychiatry career, which deals with diagnosing and treating mental health patients.

22.      Psychiatric Technician
This requires supporting patients’ grooming, recreational, and educational activities as prescribed by their psychiatrists.

23.      Psychometrician
Psychometricians devise and score tests that measure psychological constructs such as personality, IQ, and motivation.

24.      Public Relations Representative
This occupation demands building a positive reputation. Thus, psychological expertise is needed in understanding individuals’ opinions and the public’s perception.

25.      Rehabilitation Specialist
These specialists address patients’ steps towards building relationships with support groups in the community. 

26.      Social Service Manager
This position deals with coordinating community programs and supervising other social workers.

27.      School Counsellor
A school counsellor promotes students’ maximum welfare by addressing issues such as bullying and drug prevention.

28.       Teacher’s Assistant
A psychology degree is ideal in teaching proper behavior and in supporting students’ learning progress.

29.      Home Care Aide
Monitoring patients’ conditions involves much mental and emotional support which psychology graduates are capable of giving.

30.      Customer Service
Psychology is much applied in understanding, pacifying, and assisting customers with their concerns.

31Crisis Hotline Operator
Knowledge in psychology would be appropriate in helping callers go through an overwhelming situation. 

These are only a few possibilities that a psychology degree can offer. Devote quality time in factoring in your passion, long-term goals, and community needs when envisioning your career pathwith psychology. This discipline can be your stepping stone towards higher education or your guarantee to a highly-coveted job. It is the only academic programme that can be applied to any work-related scenario. Aside from having lucrative salaries, having a good grasp on human behvaiour assists you in achieving happiness in the workplace as well.

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