02 Apr 2013

Stop! Are You Missing out on Life?

Article on - Stop! Are You Missing out on Life?

Back in school, I knew a few classmates who were a tad bit overzealous. So gung ho they were about getting good grades that they’d submit homework about a week before it was due. They would have one-on-one consultation sessions with lecturers for over two hours about their assignments and stayed up mugging till the crack of dawn. These highly-driven individuals never failed to come out on top in class – they were the overachievers.

Needless to say, they obtained spectacular grades on a regular basis but when it came to the finer things in life, this elite gang was not so triumphant.

What brought me to this realisation was when our lecturer conducted a short game midway through lesson. Unlike the rest of us who were relishing the opportunity to have a break from the three-hour tutorial, the hardworking bunch gingerly protested, claiming how it was a waste of time and that the lesson should go on.

What began as a casual game of Indian Poker soon escalated into an intense wrangle as they showcased their competitive streak, not realising that the game’s main objective was for us to unwind. It was sad seeing such young souls so unwilling to have fun.

Being ambitious and motivated is admirable but achieving your goals at the expense of your mental state can be toxic in the long run. So why is it important to kick back your heels every once in a while?

Human Beings Need Companionship

Many overachievers juggle between good grades and excelling at co-curricular activities that it might be difficult to squeeze time in for personal relationships. The road to accomplishing your goals might be paved with obstacles and hardship, so having strong bonds with your friends and loved ones will make the journey feel much more fulfilling and less burdensome. Besides, what’s the point of getting to the top if there aren’t people around to share your joy with?

Embrace the Simple Pleasures in Life

If you are so preoccupied in getting from point A to point B successfully, you might miss out on plenty of rewarding experiences along the way. Remember to take a step back from the commotions of life and reward yourself after a hard day’s work, whether it’s by immersing yourself in a good book, holding a movie marathon session with your friends or taking a long stroll in the park!

It’s Not All about Grades and Academics

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain

Sooner or later, you’ll realise that life isn’t all about grades and academics. Yes, a distinction or perfect GPA might bring you one step closer to your dreams but bear in mind that not all learning comes from school. Textbook concepts may work in an exam but in the real world, it’s your work attitude and experience that will propel your career and reputation forward.