Respond To Service Challenges (WSQ)

Provided by: Arium School of Arts & Sciences

Course Introduction

 This unit covers the skills and knowledge required for service staff to respond to challenging service situations with the use of appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. It involves recognising triggers which may lead to service challenges, use of service recovery procedures to respond to the challenges and escalating unresolved service challenges.

Curriculum Overview

  1. Course Content:
    • A1 – Use service recovery procedures to respond to service challenges in accordance with organisation guidelines
    • AA2 – Escalate unresolved service challenges using appropriate channels in accordance with the organisation’s guidelines
    • AA3 – Demonstrate resilience in the handling of service challenges
    • KA1 – Types of triggers in the service environment
    • KA2 – Types of service challenges
    • KA3 – Importance of responding to service challenges
    • KA4 – Principles of effective communication
    • KA5 – Method to escalate service challenges
    • KA6 – Service escalation channels
    • KA7 – Resilience and methods to demonstrate resilience
    • IVC1 – Strive for win-win outcomes when handling service challenges
    • IVC2 – Identify and suggest areas of improvement that may arise out of service challenges
    • SIE1 – Empathise with customers while facing service challenges to prevent situation from escalating
    • LL1 – Keep abreast of latest products and services and service delivery procedures to avoid creating service challenges
  2. Certification Type: Statement of Attainment
  3. Certification Title: Respond to Service Challenges (WSQ)
  4. Area of Training: Service Excellence
  5. Education Target Group:
    • ‘N’ Level or equivalent
    • ‘O’ Level or equivalent
    • ‘A’ Level or equivalent
    • NITEC/Post Nitec
    • WSQ Certificate
    • Polytechnic Diploma
    • Professional Qualification & Other Diploma
    • University First Degree

Fees & Funding

Payment Type: Nett Fee
Course Fee : SGD $290.00

Study Mode & Duration

Mode of Training: Full Time/Part Time
Total Training Duration: 8 Hours
Duration Components:

  • 0.5 (Assessment Hours)
  • 8 (Classroom Training Hours)
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