07 Mar 2016

Juggling a Short Course with Other Commitments

Article on - Juggling a Short Course with Other Commitments

Besides allowing you to indulge in your interests, short courses are also a great way to explore new skillsets and sharpen current ones. The skills and knowledge that you gain through short courses can certainly be a valued addition to your resume.

With that said, it may be hard to commit to a course when life just seems to get in the way. We understand that it is difficult to even think about taking up a short course when you have commitments such as work or family.

Here are a few tips on how to manage your time better while going through a short course.

Know Your Options
It all begins when you start thinking about the particular course you wish to attend. The best thing about taking up a short course is the versatility of its sessions. Courses can take place during office hours, after work, or on the weekends.

There are even courses you can attend online, giving you a whole lot of freedom on how to manage your timetable. So be aware of your options and take the course which suits your schedule.

Inform Your Employer
It is wise to let your direct superior know about your study plans. You will find that this will make things easier for you at work. When your superior is in the know, he or she will probably be more understanding when it comes to negotiating your working hours and leave-taking.

Also, be sure you understand the implications of your actions at work. If you need to leave work on time or will be away for several days, ensure that your tasks are completed. Otherwise, keep your colleagues up-to-date and get them to oversee your tasks temporarily.

Allocate Your Time
While not as intensive as degree programmes, short courses still require you to invest some time and effort. Some short courses may require you to fulfil a certain percentage of attendance.

You can also expect to undertake an exam or submit assignments in order to complete the course. Once you are aware of the course requirements, you can set aside time to achieve them – and gain that well-deserved certificate!

All in all, juggling a short course with other commitments is not as difficult as it sounds. Once you properly prepare for it, you will realise how easy it is to integrate this new aspect of your life into everything else you have on hand.
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