about the awards


The JobsCentral Learning Training & Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards is specially designed to recognize all private education institutes and corporate training providers, who are based in Singapore for their outstanding performance in learning services delivered to their students and clients.

The overall judging will be based on 2 sets of scoring mechanisms:
  • Online Voting by the members of the public; and
  • Esteemed panel of judges consisting of individuals with the relevant knowledge and expertise in the industry.


  • All Private Education Institutions (PEIs) and Corporate Training Organisations that are locally based
  • Any Nominations for an award category/categories made by the Private Education Institutions or Corporate Training organisations must currently offer relevant course(s) to be considered eligible for entry


Private Education Institutions

All participating Private Education Institutions need to structure and formally submit a proposal based on the following judging criteria:

Overview (5%)

  • A brief description of the organisation and the target market segment (Maximum 200 words)

Organisation’s Effectiveness (35%)

  • What are your organisation’s strength and competitive edge?
  • How is the organisation a role model for other course providers in the selected category?
  • Organisation’s strategies for improvement
  • Value for money
  • Overall service delivery
  • Strategies in overcoming challenges in business impact, if applicable

Quality Assurance – Specific to Award Category (40%)

  • Are the qualifications recognised in the industry?
  • Graduation rate of students
  • Employability of graduates
  • Credentials of the teaching staff – teachers, lecturers, professors or trainers
  • Recognition of partner institutions conferring the course certifications
  • Industry attachments / internship opportunities included as part of the course?
  • Do students / graduates receive equivalent recognition, treatment and privileges as those enrolled in the foreign universities’ home campus?
  • Innovative, fresh & updated content with creative delivery
  • Accolades & Accreditations
  • Partners’ and/or students/clients Endorsements
  • Other collaborations in support of national initiative on lifelong learning

All nominations will be based on 2 sets of scoring mechanisms:

  1. Online Voting
    • All qualified nominees will participate in an online voting campaign, which is administered by members of the public through the JobsCentral Learning T.E.D Awards website. Only votes from unique persons will be considered qualified.
  2. Panel of Judges
    • The panel of judges will review each section of the submission during the shortlist process and scores will be given in accordance to the weightage of each section. It is important that you observe the criteria strictly.

Corporate Training Organisations

All nominations for the Corporate Training categories are 100% by vote count tabulated in an online public polling campaign.

Members of the public will vote through the official JobsCentral Learning T.E.D. awards website. Only unique votes will be counted toward the final poll count; any duplicated efforts will be void. Members of the public will base their votes on their personal perception of the nominees and at no point will their vote be influenced by JobsCentral Learning.