Jobscentral Learning T.E.D. Awards 2019 Spotlight

Academies Australasia College

Academies Australasia College (AAC) won the Tourism & Hospitality award under the Higher Education category at the Jobscentral Learning Training and Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards 2019. The award lauds its Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in Tourism & Hospitality Management for their innovation, scale, and the positive recognition they have received.

Also certified under SkillsFuture and Edutrust, AAC's offerings in the Tourism and Hospitality Management education sector expose students to global tourism and hospitality practices. They also provide pupils with a good understanding of the recent trends and ethical issues that exist in the dynamic and fast-paced tourism industry. The programmes combine theoretical and practical training throughout the course, giving students the essential leadership, management and professional training necessary to gain entry-level management positions.

AAC boasts a long and successful experience in education, going back over 50 years. Its belief that the academic process is about maintaining high standards and quality in the academic element of the institution was also reflected in its win. AAC makes an effort to maintain its academic standard in all areas from proper handling of students, lecturers, and teachers; professional material development and reproduction; and the careful and thorough administration of its examinations.

This ethos also permeates its other courses, which range from preparatory courses for the GCE O' Levels to tertiary level Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in fields such as Information Technology, Project Management and Business Management. All in all, AAC offers more than 200 qualifications to students all over the world, creating a unique learning experience.

AAC has 18 colleges, with 17 located in Australia and one in Singapore. The Singapore College was established so that students may study its programmes without having to relocate. The AAC network gives students further convenience, as those continuing their studies in more advanced vocational or higher education courses in Australia may be eligible for advanced standing based on the courses they had completed previously.

AAC continues to work hard to refine itself, so that it may be awarded in more categories at T.E.D. Awards in the years to come.