Jobscentral Learning T.E.D. Awards 2019 Spotlight

Dental Training Academy

During the Jobscentral Learning Training and Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards 2019, Dental Training Academy (D.T.A.) won the award for Healthcare in the Short Term Training Courses category.

"It is a validation of the excellence we are striving for in improving our course," said Ms Lim Ee Wan, Business Development. "So achieving this award means that our past efforts have paid off and serves as a reminder for us to continue to excel."

D.T.A. was founded to provide higher learning skills and knowledge in the dental industry. In cohesion with internationally recognised institutions, D.T.A. works to bring certified training courses from around the world to Singapore, thus raising the overall standard of practice in the local dental industry.

D.T.A. aims to be an organisation which is continuously supporting growth and bridging relevance for the people in the dental industry.

Currently, they offer the Dental Surgery Assistant (Basic Level 1) Course, a certified program from Dental Nursing Australia (D.N.A.), which introduces participants to the main roles of a Dental Assistant. The programme introduces theoretical concepts as well as practical ones, and familiarises students with the instruments, equipment and basic procedures in dental care.

"It's an introductory course for people with interest in dentistry and nursing. So even if you have no prior experience, you can do this course and with the certification get an entry-level job as a Dental Assistant," explained Ms Lim.

For D.T.A., the T.E.D. award is important in more ways than one. "It will help to boost the confidence of people who want to join our course, and drive up participation rate so that we can expand and bring benefits to more people," she expanded, on the topic of what the award means to D.T.A. "We also hope that this will serve to encourage us to further improve ourselves and bring greater benefits to students who wish to join dentistry and nursing."

Empowered by the confidence this award has inspired in them, D.T.A. will no doubt work hard to bring even more courses and options to those interested in dentistry and nursing.