Jobscentral Learning T.E.D. Awards 2019 Spotlight

PSB Academy, School of Foundation Studies

"I think it is a testament of the quality that we are able to establish in PSB, not just in the School of Foundational Studies," said Ms. Vijyah Shunmugam, Head of the School of Foundation Studies at PSB Academy. She was talking about PSB's win for Languages / Literature at the Jobscentral Learning Training and Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards 2019.

"Within the last two years, the School of Foundational Studies has actually expanded," she elaborated. "Not just English programmes, but we are also doing Foundation programmes. We have expanded into programmes like the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and English short courses."

PSB Academy aims to have a course for every student, from industry veterans to graduates just starting out. And their School of Foundational Studies is for the latter – offering programmes designed to get young students started on their education journeys. These include courses for certification like the ones above, and also study tours and short-term language courses for those pressed for time.

This huge range of learning offerings is supported by an equally large team, all dedicated to producing confident, future-ready students. "The team makes all the difference. We've won quite a few awards and I'm proud to say that has been done by the whole team, as a whole," Ms. Shunmugam declared. "Not just the academics, but also the operation executives, the student affairs team… we all work together to make sure we teach, at the same time, we work on their wellbeing."

Indeed, PSB Academy took home six T.E.D. Awards this year, showcasing its quality and excellence as a Higher Education provider. With its continuous commitment to high quality education for each and every one of its students, we have every hope it will continue to fulfill its mission to be the premier tertiary education provider nurturing future talents with global orientation.