Jobscentral Learning T.E.D. Awards 2019 Spotlight

PSB Academy, School of Life and Physical Science

Dr Charles Ong Ban Choon, Head of School of Life and Physical Science at PSB Academy, was smiling widely throughout the annual Jobscentral Learning Training and Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards held at the Westin.

No doubt, he was smiling because PSB Academy's School of Life and Physical Science had won the T.E.D. Award for Science under the Higher Education category.

"This award is an assurance of the quality of our programme, and basically is a recognition of how well we're doing in our programmes, and the learning experience we bring to our students," he explained. "To us, that's of extreme importance."

Student growth is at the heart of everything PSB Academy does. Along with a wide width of student clubs and activities, students in the School of Life and Physical Sciences can look forward to using fully equipped university-standard laboratories. The courses also ensure that they graduate with the necessary practical skills and experience to allow for a seamless transition into positions in the industry and/or post-graduate studies.

Dr Ong emphasises these quality offerings of his school, even as he smiles at their win. "Definitely the close partnership with our partners, and also the facilities we have back in the campus, the laboratories we have where we are able to bring about applied learning for our students… that is exceptional in terms of delivering what we need for our students' experience," he commented. At PSB Academy, professionals and relevant diploma and degree holders can explore a range of life science degrees from university partner La Trobe University, Australia, with specialisations in biomedical science, biotechnology, chemistry or pharmaceutical science.

"We are looking at more innovative approaches, and exploring more opportunities with our partners to bring more programmes within the School of Life and Physical Science to ensure the students can benefit from all these opportunities we can provide," he concluded.

We hope the School may continue this path of success, to score the award next year and keep Dr Ong smiling.