Jobscentral Learning T.E.D. Awards 2019 Spotlight

PSB Academy, School of Engineering and Technology

PSB Academy's holistic offerings in the area of Engineering were recognised when it won the Jobscentral Learning Training and Education Development (T.E.D.) Award this year in the Higher Education category.

From GCE 'O'Levels, where a student can start with a Certificate in Engineering Foundation, to postgrad studies such as a Master's in Engineering Business Management, PSB Academy has an Engineering course for everyone. GCE 'A' Level graduates can study mechanical or electrical engineering technology at the Diploma level, and PSB Academy's university partners offer Bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering or electrical and electronic engineering, with/without honours. (Their Diplomas in mechanical and electrical engineering also feature practical work in engineering labs in their STEM Campus.) This wide range of programmes is one of the characteristics of PSB Academy that the awards celebrate.

Dr. Karuppiah Balamurugan, Assistant Head of School in the School of Engineering and Technology, was quick to also highlight another factor behind PSB Academy's win. "This award is very important to us as it reflects the quality of teaching and learning we provide to our stakeholders, mainly students," he asserted.

These quality programmes are made possible by PSB Academy's long-term partnerships with many reputable foreign universities such as the University of Newcastle, Australia and Coventry University, United Kingdom.

Though perhaps young compared to other higher education institutions, PSB thinks of itself as one of Singapore's first "productivity champions", starting out as a small unit in the government's productivity and standards board. Now, they work with leading universities and quality education partners to offer students transnational education opportunities. PSB programmes often include overseas attachments or the option of studying in a partner university's home campus.

"We look forward to maintaining and continuing our strong relationships with professional societies, to provide a holistic experience to our students and also make them future-ready," concluded Dr Bala, confident in PSB Academy's continual growth.