Certificate in Proficiency in English

Provided by Informatics Academy Singapore


Awarded by Informatics Academy, Singapore

Course introduction


The Certificate in Proficiency in English provides students with a strong foundation in English that will enable them to advance their studies in Higher Education. The Proficiency in English programme is designed for students who wish to pursue advanced courses at Informatics centres or to improve their English in a social or business context. It will bridge the differences in skills and knowledge set between students with diverse educational backgrounds, including those whose first language is not English. This programme serves to prepare students for the IELTS or TOEFL test. The course covers the following components:

• Grammar
• Vocabulary
• Composition/Writing skills
• Comprehension
• Oral Skills

Assessment Structure

Students will be assessed 100% by coursework. Coursework may be in the form of class tests and assignments. Assessment methods may vary according to individual module requirements.

Assessment Structure Test Oral Participation Exam/Presentation
Pre-Elementary  20%  10%  20%  50%
Elementary  20%  10%  20%  50%
Intermediate  20%  10%  20%  50%
Advanced  20%  10%  20%  50%
Professional 20% 20% NA 60%

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

Pre-Elementary - ENG000

This module is designed as an introductory level for students who do not possess any English Language skills. It helps students build a foundation in English focusing on the four main skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Through this module, it will help students overcome the difficulties of learning English as a second language and get a grasp on English.

Elementary - ENG100

This module is designed for students who already have a foundation in English. The module will cover the four skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing, as well as grammar, vocabulary, and real life topics and situations. Through this module, the student will have a fairly good grasp of the English language and be able to converse with confidence. Students will have the ability to read and write in a fair competence level.

Intermediate - ENG200

This module is designed for students who already possess the English Language skills at the Elementary level. It serves to further enhance the language skills of the student’s knowledge in terms of grammar and vocabulary, listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Through this module, students will be able to improve on their overall communicability in English.

Advanced - ENG300

This module is designed for students who already possess the English language skills at the Intermediate level. It helps students to develop their grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking and writing skills. Through this module, it will help to improve the student’s for TOEFL/IELTS academic exams or to progress to a diploma level program.

Professional - ENG400

This module is designed for students who already possess the English language skills at the Advanced level and plan to progress to a degree level program. It teaches language and study skills required for tertiary studies emphasizing on essay writing, reading more complex texts, communication and listening, oral presentations and academic skills. It is designed to stimulate critical thinking and discussions in students and improve their examination techniques and research skills.

Area of Studies

Progression Pathway

Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Proficiency in English awarded by Informatics Academy, the student is eligible to apply for an Informatics Academy Foundation programme.

Graduation Requirement

Upon successful completion of all modules, students will be awarded with an Certificate in Proficiency in English Awarded by Informatics Academy

Entry Requirements


Students are required to take an Informatics Proficiency in English Placement Test before they are placed and enrolled into the respective level of the Proficiency in English programme. Students who have other relevant qualifications may be given exemptions, subject to prevailing rules and regulations of Informatics Academy. Students may be required to undertake an entrance test to assess his competency and depending on their score, they may be granted exemption in some courses. 

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

Course Duration

Full-time 12 months
Part-time 12 months


January, April, June, September

Delivery Model

Combination of lectures, tutorials and workshops in a classroom environment at Informatics Academy campus. Lessons are typically in blocks of 4-hour sessions.

Fees & Funding

Local (Full time/Part time): $8,800.00
International (Full time): $8,800.00

* All fees exclude 7% GST