Master of Business Psychology

Provided by Newcastle Australia Institute of Higher Education


Awarded by University of Newcastle

Course introduction


The University of Newcastle’s Master of Business Psychology is designed for graduates from a variety of disciplines seeking to advance their leadership and management skills from a psychological perspective to enhance performance and wellbeing in the corporate business sector.

Graduates will develop an advanced understanding of human behaviour and how this can be applied to manage workplace relationships, as well as specialised skills in applied psychology and organisational behaviour in the workplace.

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

The modules offered in the course consist of the following:

  • 8 core modules
  • 6 compulsory and directed modules
  • 2 directed modules
Programme Outline
Core Modules
  • PSYC6000 - Foundations of Applied Psychology 1
  • PSYC6050 - Foundations of Applied Psychology 2
  • PSYC6110 - Psychology Skills in the Workplace
  • PSYC6120 - Fostering Healthy Organisations
  • PSYC6130 - Understanding People in Organisations
  • PSYC6140 - Leadership and Organisational Change
  • PSYC6150 - Group Dynamics in Organisations
  • PSYC6210 - Workplace Assessment and Interviewing
Compulsory and Directed Modules
  • GSBS6001 - Managing Under Uncertainty
  • GSBS6003 - Globalisation
  • GSBS6004 - Organisational Behaviour and Design
  • GSBS6040 - Human Resource Management
  • GSBS6484 - Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
  • GSBS6514 - Leadership in Contemporary Organisations
Directed Modules
  • PSYC6515 Business Psychology Research Project 1
  • PSYC6615 Business Psychology Research Project 2


Entry Requirements

  • Students with a three-year Bachelor degree in a psychology discipline are eligible to undertake a 12 modules course.
  • Students with a three-year Bachelor degree in a different discipline area are eligible to undertake the 16 modules course.
  • Students with a four-year Bachelor degree (Hons), Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Diploma in a psychology discipline are eligible to undertake an 8 modules course.
  • Students with other qualifications may seek advice from the course consultant
English Proficiency requirements:
  • IELTS overall minimum - 6.5, IELTS section minimum - 6.0

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

16 – 24 months (part-time)

Fees & Funding

  • All fees include 7% Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  • Application fee: SGD214
  • Module fee: 10-unit module – SGD3,210
  • Full course fee:
    • 8 modules pathway - SGD25,680
    • 12 modules pathway – SGD38,520
    • 16 modules pathway – SGD51,360
      (Payable in six instalments)
Bursary Grant
Up to 50% bursary grant is available.