Graduate Diploma in Social Psychology & Counselling

Provided by Aventis School of Management

Course introduction


Program Highlights

Social Psychology is a study of social behaviour, which can be observed and applied in our daily activities. For instance, the commercial advertisements that you see every day rely on consumer psychology to develop marketing message.

Counselling applies social psychology knowledge to design message to influence behaviour in achieving positive outcome. This program is designed for professionals so that they can have a deeper understanding of social psychology and develop practical counselling techniques. This highly interactive program enables individuals to acquire communication techniques, which are useful in daily social context. For instance, from customer service, management, marketing to parenting and personal growth.

Where does it lead?

Developed and delivered by industry practitioners, the program is both academically rigorous and practical-oriented. The curriculum is closely aligned with industry practice and framework and is recognized internationally by Professional bodies worldwide. The objective of this program is to provide a deep understanding of social psychology and the ability to apply appropriate counselling techniques in the right social context. The program aims to equip students with:
•a good understanding of the history and use of social psychology;
•professional competency to work with adults in a variety of settings;
•application of different counselling theories and techniques; and
•opportunities to enhance their personal growth and heighten awareness of others around them.

Area of Studies

Perspectives in Social Psychology
This module deals with the research and developments in the study of the basic psychological factors in social interaction, the social processes influencing the growth of the individual, and applied social psychology areas. Discussion will also covers the various approaches towards social psychology and its impact on our society.

Effective Counselling Techniques
This module provides a good understanding of the key techniques use in counselling which includes listening, interviews, asking questions, reflecting and clarification. Students will be taught how to initiate counselling interactions, develop an ethical and professional counselling relationship and conduct a counselling session. Coursework involves a wide range of practical exercises: from experiencing the core conditions and skills of counselling to examining counselling case studies to discussing the professional and practical issues raised by counselling practice

Developmental Psychology
This module will address the biological, cognitive and psychosocial areas of human development as human beings undergo interesting development in the course of a life span. We will explore both the individual, as well as the common events in people’s social, cognitive and physiological development. The life span is divided into seven age groups. As a student, you will be encouraged to apply developmental psychology principles in all contexts from the classroom to friends, family, workplace and the community.

Counselling & Psychotherapy
This module will cover the basic tenets and therapeutic processes that characterize various theoretical approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. Students will be introduced to the various therapy models such as Psychodynamic, Behavioural, Cognitive-Behavioural, Humanistic, Contextual and Systemic. This provides students with a greater awareness of how different interpersonal styles, beliefs and internal processes will affect the counselling process.

Entry Requirements

Admission Requirements
•All applicants must possess:
•A degree or equivalent professional qualification from a recognized university/institution
•Executives with 8 years working experience (at least 30 years old) but without academic qualification will be considered
•Executives without 8 years working experience or are below 30 years old will be advised to apply for the Advanced Diploma Program

Fees & Funding

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