4th Foundation of Clinical Diabetes Management

Provided by NUS Academy of GxP Excellence

Course introduction


This certification programme aims to provide all allied healthcare professionals with the minimum knowledge and practice standards in diabetes care. Certification will be awarded to candidates who have successfully completed this programme with satisfactory attendance and passing score at the exit examination.

This programme serves as the basic didactic training which must be further built on with hands-on clinical training of the health professional as required by the respective health institution-employer.

Course Fees & Registration
SGD $1200.00 per participant, inclusive of 7% GST
Group discount of 3 or more participants and early bird discount (before 31st January 2014):
SGD $1080.00 per participant, inclusive of 7% GST

Certification Renewal
Candidates may seek certification renewal every 2 years or earlier upon attainment of Certificate of Achievement, beyond which full compulsory attendance for the workshop will be necessary. A successful certification renewal will consist of achieving satisfactory scores at the exit examination.

Certification Renewal Fees
SGD $350 inclusive of GST.

Candidates who are eligible for the certification renewal are entitled for the following:

• Free pass to attend any parts of the workshop (except for small group case discussions)
• Workbook
• Breakfast, lunch and tea
• Access to exit examination
(SPC registered pharmacists will be entitled to 4 CE points per day)

As part of our efforts to conserve the environment, only online registration will be accepted.

Fees & Funding

Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants: