Certificate in English Proficiency Level 3

Provided by KLC International Institute

Course introduction


Our Certificate in English Proficiency offers an English language curriculum to students who need help improve their English. Students undergo an intensive academic English curriculum that helps them to have a solid English foundation and attain the required standard to move on to their tertiary programs.

In addition, field trips and cultural activities are also an integral part in students’ learning experience in KLC International Institute.

Certificate in English Proficiency Level 3 is a 2-month curriculum on Advanced English that will cover the following: 

  • Participate in linguistically challenging discourse  such as debate and brainstorming
  • Engage in a variety of communicative tasks during social and business situations
  • Undertake speech tasks like elaboration, complaints, apologies, describe and narrate with some details and link sentences quite smoothly 
  • Listen and express understanding of  various speech and discourse including their linguistic complexities  
  • Listen and understand texts which involve descripttions and narration.
  • Demonstrate grasp of some awareness of sociocultural nuances of spoken messages
  • Comprehend a variety of texts regardleess of topic, situation or level of language used
  • Understand parts of texts which are conceptually abstract and linguistically complex
  • Interpret idioms, analogies and metaphors in written text 
  • Exhibit accuracy, sophistication and style in writing essays and other written documents
  • Demonstrate some fluency and ease of expression when writing
  • Develop a sense of mastered writing structure or organization 

Course Objectives

After successful completion of this level, the students will acquire greater standards in academic English.

With strong integration of critical analysis, students will be able to develop strategies to achieve higher learning. This curriculum serves as a preparatory course designed to prepare non-English speakers for a successful entry into the undergraduate degree programs.

Mode of Delivery
  • Small group learning
  • Wide variety of English materials used throughout the course of the study
  • Use of interesting presentations and interactive activities in teaching
  • Students’ critical involvement in presentations, exercises and pair and group work.
  • Interactive technology and resources to support learning
  • Taught by qualified and experienced EFL teachers
Award of Certificate

Students who have successfully completed all coursework, examinations and a minimum of 80% attendance will be given a:

- Certificate in English Proficiency Level 3 certification, awarded  by KLC International Institute

Average Teacher-Student Ratio

The average class size is about 20-25 students, depending on the mode of delivery, so as to maximize the opportunities of students from different cultural backgrounds to interact with each other.

Admission Requirements

Students will be given a placement test and administered by KLC International Institute or Approved Agencies.

Entry Requirements:
  • At least 17 years old; AND
  • Completion of at least 11 years of formal education or high school graduate; OR
  • KLC International Institute Certificate in English Proficiency Level 2 or its equivalent; OR
  • Other qualifications from professional institutes may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Fees & Funding

Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants: