Diploma in Engineering (Marine)

Provided by Avanta Academy


Awarded by Avanta Academy

Course introduction


The Diploma in Engineering (Marine) focuses on the foundation of marine engineering and learns the different range of subject deals with marine technology. The programme aim is to introduce the students on the concepts, methods, tools and techniques applied in marine engineering.

There is increasing global demand for rigs and drillships will plays an important part and Singapore as one of the leading builder of offshore equipment. This programme aim is to meet the industry demand and equip students with the knowledge that today’s ship buildings employers seeking for.

Upon completion of this course, the students may able to interpret the rig operation, auxillary devices, marine instruments and machine design and process.

Student to Teacher Ration:

Student to teacher ratio is 1 : 15

Mode of Assessment:

100% Examination
Passing Criteria

Minimum passing mark should be above 50%.


Below 49% F
50% to 59% E
60% to 69% D
70% to 79% C
80% to 89% B
90% to 99% A
100% A+

Curriculum Overview

Programme Structure

No. Module Code Module Title Contact Hours
(Inclusive of 3 hrs examination)

1 ED Engineerimg Design Marine 30
2 EM Engineering Mathematics 30
3 MIE Metrology & Instrumentation Engineering 30
4 SM Strength of Materials 30
5 MT Introduction to Marine Engineering 30
6 PT Engine and Auxiliary Devices 30

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum Grade E in any 3 GCE A Level including English and 2 Science subjects or equivalent
  •  Minimum C6 in any 3 GCE O Level including English and 2 Science subjects (Grade C6 and above) with 3 years working experience in the engineering field
  • Working Experience: Matured candidate in the age of 30 & above with 8 years’ of related work experiences
  • Language Proficiency: WPLN Level 4

Duration & Intake

Programme Duration

1. Full-Time: 7 months
    Total Contact Hours: 180 (No breaks between exams and modules)
    Week Schedule: 5 days per week (3 hrs per day)

2. Part-Time: 7 months
    Total Contact Hours: 180 (No breaks between exams and modules)
    Week Schedule: 1 day per week (8 hrs per day)

Fees & Funding

SGD 2500