13 Apr 2018

Studying Business in an International Environment

Out of 10 aspiring youths we speak to about their future career, 9 would answer, “Be my own boss.” Indeed, the BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) era is still blazing strong, as evidently seen in the Facebook profiles of youths where they list their occupations as CEOs of fantasy companies, with the hopes of transforming it to reality. With numerous inspirational stories on self-made billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Jack Ma’s Alibaba, what does it truly take to be a successful entrepreneur?
Although you do not necessarily need a degree to start your own business, it is certainly an advantage to build a strong foundation in your knowledge of business before you head out to experience the industry and apply knowledge to real-life situations.
Here are reasons why an education in Business at TMC Academy ticks all the boxes.

  1. Be Industry-ready with Industry-relevant Curriculum

Our business course curriculum is formulated with the advice of our Industry Advisory Board, formed by external industry players with vast field experience, who provided valuable updates based on the current industry trends. Industrial attachment options are available for our Business course, to prepare students for the working world.
  1. Be Engaged in Networking Opportunities
TMC Academy’s strong links with industry associations and business organisations provide for expansive access to external industry events and networking opportunities with industry players.  As we all know, networking is key in the world of business! Read about our students experience here.
  1. Be Prepared for the International Business Stage
Be set for the international business stage with our popular courses, Higher Diploma in Business (International Business Specialisation) and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Marketing Management (Top-Up). The best part is having classmates from all around the world, which provides students an international environment to study in and to gain an international perspective while interacting with a global pool of classmates.
  1. Be Effective in Securing that Degree!
TMC Academy’s Higher Diploma is equivalent to the first two years of a UK Bachelor’s Degree with Honours, or to claim advanced standing when entering Australian or other degrees.  Our international university partners include University of Northampton, UK and Griffith University, Australia.
View TMC Academy’s full course listing here.