16 May 2016

3 Greatest Sins Tertiary Students Commit

Tertiary education is an exciting time when you gain independence and start acquiring real-world experiences.
However, this is also the time when your grades, decisions and time management play a pivotal role in paving the road to your future career.

Listed below are the top 3 greatest sins most tertiary students make and how to avoid them:

Typically assignment and exam requirements would be briefed to you during the first class, and this is with good reason. At the beginning, due dates might seem relatively far away. However, once you factor in important dates from other modules, you might end up with a race against time.

Leaving your assignment or exam preparation to the very last moment, and burning the midnight oil would more often than not, affect your final grade.

Pro-Tip: Once you have been briefed on the assignment and exam, conduct a brief online research of both the course and the assignment. With some knowledge on the topic, plan out an assignment outline and mark your calendar so you can keep track of due dates for all modules.

Failure to Take Class Seriously
Upon entering tertiary education, one of the first things that you would notice is classes are nothing like the others you have attended. Lecturers see and treat you as an adult. They expect a certain level of initiative and independence shown toward learning – which means that you should come to class prepared.

Pro-Tip: If you are unable to go through the notes prior to the lecture, take a couple of minutes to scan through the first two or three pages. This would give you an overall idea on what the lecture will be covering, allow you to anticipate discussions and follow the lecture without feeling disorientated.

Over-Indulging in Extra-Curricular Activities
Being involved in a range of activities, giving back to the community and meeting new people all make for amazing experiences.

However, juggling multiple club member roles and trying to balance it with your school work can be tiresome and in turn affect your grades.

Pro-Tip: Consider all club options before picking out one or two that interest you. This will help keep the balances in check between personal life, studies and extra-curricular activities. Time management is key here, so be sure to prioritise your tasks. Attaining a good overall grade should take precedence over everything else.

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