16 Nov 2020

Tech Courses to Get You Started

Since the start of 2020, the most sought-after jobs in Singapore have included software engineers, business development managers, project managers and business analysts, according to LinkedIn data. And Covid-19 only heightened their importance, as companies began to adopt big data, automation and 5G.
But with so many buzzwords flying about, it can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. We have prepared a list of five “starter” courses that will stand any burgeoning IT-student in good stead, and put you on the path to technological success.
So, if you’re looking to ride this trend, here are some good courses to “get your feet wet” in the world of tech:

  1. Diploma in Information Technology
A basic diploma equips you with the theoretical base from which to springboard to an area of interest. Typically, this diploma will cover theoretical knowledge in Information Technology (IT) and practical skills in the management of hardware and software development. Students are also introduced to several programming languages and website development skills.
  1. Bachelor of Science (Cybersecurity)
Cybersecurity is a huge field today, as companies and those who would steal their data work to better their applications constantly. If you’re interested in safeguarding important information (without having to wear a uniform or carry a lightstick), cybersecurity could be the path for you. With a basic degree, you will learn cybersecurity, hacking, digital forensics and the underlying computer science of this field.
  1. Data Analytics
Analysing big data and using it to forecast and inform business decisions is the way of the world today. Reflecting this demand, there are many short courses on data analytics available, some specialising in Power BI, Spark or Databricks while others opt for a more general approach. You may also wish to go deep into this field with a Masters or Diploma programme.
  1. Automation
No, this isn’t about how to replace people with robots. Automation is about optimising processes, curtailing error and increasing efficiency. A diploma in Robotics or Automation will cover the latest trends in automation technology with instances of their successful implementation, as well as provide a thorough background for understanding, analyzing and designing of computer-controlled systems.
  1. Game Design and Technology
Ever thought of designing your own RPG, or launching the next Angry Birds? Your first step should be a degree or diploma in Game Design. In these programmes, students will learn games software design and the development and processes involved in creating computer, mobile and video games. There are also opportunities to explore 3D graphics and animation, games software design, games mechanics, games software development and production, user interface design for games, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and interaction design.