19 Apr 2010

TMC: A Name You Can Trust

With its established reputation and comprehensive syllabus, TMC trains its students for challenges in the real world.

Like many students who are furthering their studies in private education institutions, Dayalan Panneer Selvam’s main concern when choosing a school is the credibility of the academy and the recognition of its programmes.

Hence, when the 26-year-old first heard about TMC Academy, he researched on it and came away very impressed. “I have many friends who spoke well of TMC. They said that the teachers here are good and the school is also more reliable than others because it’s been around for very long,” Dayalan says.

With 30 years of history in private training and education programmes, the brand name of TMC has been synonymous with reliability. Also, the wide range of programmes it offers is well-recognised, as they are awarded by highly renowned universities and institutions like Deakin University in Australia and the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in UK.

Developing talents
After returning home from Melbourne with his Business diploma from Monash College in 2007, Dayalan was caught in a dilemma concerning which course to specialise in – Marketing or Accounting.

Finally, with the support of his family, he decided to pursue his passion in the latter choice to study for a degree in Accounting and Finance awarded by UK’s University of Greenwich through TMC. Dayalan readily admits that he is interested in Accounting partly because he is “not a very Science person”.

“In secondary school and JC, my Science subjects had never been that good. I’m more of a Math person, I work well with numbers, so I guess my interest has developed from there,” says the confident young man.

Lessons in real-world context
After a six-month bridging course at TMC, Dayalan started his one-year degree programme in July last year and is now in the last leg of the course. The course can be completed in 12 months if done full-time, or 18 months if done part-time. So far, he has enjoyed immersing himself in the challenges posed by his modules, such as Current Issues in Financial Accounting, Current Issues in Management Accounting and Strategic Financial Management.

The modules have been designed to equip students with accounting and financial-related skills, as well as an understanding of the issues impacting on the financial environment. Students get to cover theoretical content set in an organisational context so as to better relate these corporate finance theories to industry practices.

Dayalan particularly likes how the school’s teaching approach prepares him for the real world, where Accountancy is a modern and fast-moving industry with the latest technology and most competitive talents.

“I think it’s good that these modules have more to do with the outside world. Current issues deal with real-life situations and what have taken place around us. It’s a different learning experience because we don’t just learn a specific subject but we get to relate that to what is happening around you,” he says.

Persevere to succeed
Other than providing students with exposure to real-life challenges, the programme also tests students on their perseverance and self discipline. Students take a total of five units across one year, and attend classes at the TMC campus two to three times a week. While the work load may be manageable, students who want to do well will have to put in extra effort to go to the library, do their own research and complete their assignments on time.

“At the start, it’s easy to enjoy the subjects, work hard and do well but towards the end, you tend to relax more, which is not a good idea. The challenge is to work hard and perform well not just in the beginning but consistently throughout the semester,” Dayalan reflects.

Conducive learning environment
Despite the challenges, the aspiring auditor thinks that he will be able to do well, especially with the help of his friendly lecturers in school. Dayalan especially likes how they always try to engage and help the students individually.

“If the teacher thinks that you are not doing well or if he thinks you need help, he will come to you and do something about it. Class may not be one-to-one but the teacher actually puts in the effort to come to you as necessary and speak to you,” Dayalan shares.

Other than guidance from the helpful lecturers, Dayalan also values the exposure he gets from the international learning culture at TMC.

“We have many people coming in from different parts of Asia, so we can learn to work with them and improve our communication skills. There may be a language barrier but most of the time, it is pretty okay – we can learn from them about the different countries.”

Riding on the experience and skills he has gained from TMC, Dayalan is very optimistic about his future plans upon his graduation in June. His interest lies in auditing specifically and he hopes to venture in that direction by getting a job with an established accounting firm or bank. Dayalan is confident that the education he has received at TMC will prepare him well for what lies ahead.

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