01 Nov 2018

T.E.D Awards 2018 Special: An Award to Celebrate the Outstanding Performance of Private Education Institutes and Corporate Training Providers

On 26 October the leading private education institutes (PEIs) and corporate training providers (CTPs) came together for the annual JobsCentral Learning Training & Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards. The event, held this year at PARKROYAL at Beach Road, is designed to recognise and celebrate PEIs and CTPs for their efforts in pushing the frontiers of learning, and to celebrate their outstanding performance.
Awards for PEIs were determined through a combination of public votes and the scores from a panel of judges. The judging panel comprised key players from the following industries: Accountancy, Banking & Finance, F&B, Law, Business Management, Culinary Arts, Social Sciences, Hospitality  & Tourism, as well as Communications and Media. Judging criteria took into account the organisation’s effectiveness, quality assurance and achievements.
Awards for CTPs were left fully to votes from public and aside from overall winners, additional Gold Service Standard Awards were also conferred to both PEIs and CTPs that received 25 percent of public votes.
The 2018 results are as follows.
Under the PEIs category, Kaplan Singapore was the biggest winner for the third year in a row, with its spectacular sweep of eight awards across its two subsidiaries. Kaplan Higher Education Institute was ranked best for Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Business Management, Law and Social Science, while Kaplan Higher Education Academy was recognised as best for Communications & Media, Computer Science & IT and Sales & Marketing.
At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy took the title for Culinary Arts and F&B, while TMC Academy and Dimensions International College claimed the award for best Hospitality and Tourism.
Dimensions International College also topped the PEIs with its sweep of Gold Standard Service Provider awards for Accountancy, Business Management, Culinary Arts and F&B. Gold Standard Service Awards were also presented to Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) for the Hospitality & Tourism category, and TMC Academy for the Social Sciences category.

From the CTPs, Kaplan Learning Institute and Aventis Learning Group led the way, with Kaplan Learning Institute being awarded best for Computer Science & IT, Finance Management and Senior Management & Leadership.
Aventis Learning Group took the last two categories of Communication and Personal Effectiveness & Productivity, and received the Gold Service Standard Award for Finance Management and Senior Management & Leadership. Finally, Management Development and Consultancy, the corporate training arm for MDIS received the Gold Service Standard Award for Personal Effectiveness & Productivity.
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