22 Mar 2021

5 Essential Soft Skills for 2021

Article on - 5 Essential Soft Skills for 2021

Of particular importance in today’s workforce are “soft skills”. These are difficult to learn and practice, but of premium importance to hiring managers because they make someone successful and effective in the workplace.
Upskilling is especially important for Singaporeans, who must stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive in today’s economy. Last year’s UOB Asean Consumer Sentiment Study showed over 85% of all the participants between 18-65 years old agreed on the importance of reskilling and upskilling to stay relevant. Also, Covid-19 has accelerated development and improvement in many areas as companies pivoted to continue to provide effective service in the “new normal”.
If you’re looking improve your performance or boost your CV, there are some soft skills we would greatly recommend getting a handle on. So click on those links to navigate to inspirational courses that will improve your work performance, like:

  1. Leadership
Anyone who has worked under a bad boss (and most of us have, at least once) knows the importance of effective leadership. A good leader can keep their team on track, on time and on the ball during good times and bad. They make all the difference between engaged, motivated employees eager to contribute to a company’s success or a lackadaisical, “I’m only here for the paycheck” atmosphere in the office.
Learn to motivate and inspire with a course, then continue to improve at the workplace itself!
  1. Interpersonal Skills
This broad topic covers a variety of essential soft skills such as active listening, empathy, to managing anger at work. Some courses even use well-established personality frameworks, such as MBTI, to help you better understand how to communicate and collaborate with others.
  1. Critical Thinking
Most of us can think, but can we examine, interpret and formulate predictions, direction or motivation based on such thinking? Critical thinking teaches us that process, how to apply the mind to realise our innate innovative creativity and intellectual potential. And as with other skills, it can be learnt and improved with training and practice. So start now and jump out of the box!
  1. Problem Solving
The pandemic has deeply shaken “traditional” modes of decision-making and processes. If you find yourself suspecting that you (and your team) may be locked into outdated SOPs, take the time to learn some new ways to approach problem-solving. You will learn to be more flexible and open-minded in your thinking – and discover new solutions along the way.
  1. Negotiation
Negotiation is an art form, so the saying goes. And this art often forms the foundation for business development, handling employee relations, and getting clients. Hence, you cannot miss out by learning to resolve issues more effectively or simply getting a handle on how others think.
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