21 Jan 2020

The Foundation of Good Parenting

Article on - The Foundation of Good Parenting

Parenting is not an easy job – it can be hard to tread the fine line between poor and extreme parenting. Some parents want to craft the perfect childhood, in order to guarantee a successful adulthood in today’s competitive world.
Yet, this pattern has been called an “epidemic”, mainly because doctors have seen a sharp rise in the number of not only Asian children – but children world-wide, suffering from cases such as stomach ulcers and headaches due to exhaustion and stress.

What is Parenting?

is the process of raising children and providing them with protection and care in order to ensure their healthy development into adulthood.

How can I be a good parent?

There is a belief that parents assert a direct and powerful influence on their children through the process of socialization, i.e. if children turn out well, the parents receive credit; if they turn out badly, it is the parents’ fault. Nonetheless, research has dictated that safety, structure, support and love, may provide the necessary stability of a child’s development.
Further studies also suggest that children develop well through warmth and sensitivity through behavioural factors. These include care, consistent environment, allowing the child to make independent choices, and facing consequences - positive or negative.

Who can benefit from a Parenting course?

Additional knowledge of Parenting will be useful to all parents on a personal level, as they learn more through psychology of their children.
Occupations that deal with families and children such as social workers,  marriage and family counsellors, teachers, child-care workers and special needs educators can apply practical knowledge to their careers.

Arium School of Arts & Sciences offers course in parenting, the Professional Certificate in Parenting: Parent-Child Relationship. You will learn how to translate children’s behaviours, and applying that knowledge through case study scenarios, and learn contemporary issues that can strengthen and reinforce your abilities and understanding.
We also have other courses related to parenting and child psychology:
Our Diploma courses are endorsed by Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (Singapore).
We offer other Professional Certificates for those interested in short courses that provide basic understanding of children of all stages of developments.
Click here to check out the complete list of the numerous certificate and diploma programs which ASAS offers.
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