24 Feb 2016

Fun Tips for the Year of the Monkey

Article on - Fun Tips for the Year of the Monkey

Monkey business. Going bananas. Monkeying around.

There is a reason all things playful and wacky are inspired by primates.

As we usher in the year of the Fire Monkey, expect plenty of energy and excitement to fill your life. Combined with the powerful fire element, the Monkey year will be blazed with passion, ambition, and creativity. The monkey’s energetic nature might even motivate you to complete tasks quickly and undertake new projects.

Here’s how you can harness the monkey’s vivaciousness to make your year more fruitful:

Broaden your Mind
Monkeys are known for being clever and inquisitive. A good way to emulate these traits is by expanding your horizons. Enrich yourself by learning different languages, reading new books, visiting museums, or attending community events. You could also become a volunteer, take up a cool hobby, and start a blog.

While these pursuits are good learning experiences, they can be a valuable addition to your portfolio or resume as well. With these new ventures, you will have something interesting to talk about at future job interviews!

Travelling can also provide you with rich experiences and a whole new perspective about the world. You get to experience life abroad and interact with people from different cultures, which ultimately encourages you to break out of your shell. 

Master a Skill (or Two)
Monkeys around the world have an assortment of talents – from herding goats and painting to waiting tables. Due to their sharpness and willingness to learn, monkeys can pick up skills rather quickly.

With the new SkillsFuture initiative, there is now more reason to acquire new skills or brush up on old ones. Through short courses, you could develop your social media skills, or gain exposure to popular software like Photoshop and InDesign.

Set (and Complete) more Goals
Be as enthusiastic as the monkey by setting and completing more tasks this year. You don’t have to set extravagant goals that would take years to achieve. Instead, aim for small and realistic goals every week, like eliminating junk food from your diet, reading the news every morning, or learning how to play a musical instrument.
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