26 Apr 2016

SkillsFuture – More Courses Offered

Article on - SkillsFuture – More Courses Offered

In a bid to encourage lifelong learning, the Government introduced the SkillsFuture Credit scheme this year. Every Singaporean aged 25 and above qualify for the scheme. With an initial credit of $500, SkillsFuture serves to help offset training course fees and motivate Singaporeans to take charge of their own learning journey.

These credits have no expiry and can be accumulated over the years for more expensive courses. Moving forward, the government has plans for periodic top-ups to the account. Currently, the scheme has roughly 12,500 courses covering a wide array of disciplines, and more courses will be added over the course of time. The courses range from communication and computer science, to marketing and Adobe training.

Today, over 18,000 individuals – of which, nearly 16.5 per cent were aged 60 and above – have utilised the SkillsFuture scheme.

Keeping up with Singapore’s vision of becoming a Smart Nation, there is also a range of online courses available. At present, some 1,072 online courses are available, up from 586 in January.

The focus of the SkillsFuture scheme is to make upgrading of skills accessible to Singaporeans – from entry level employees to mid-career professionals.

If this article has spurred you on to upgrade your skills with your SkillsFuture account, head on over here to check out some of the interesting courses available now.