18 Nov 2019

Changing behaviors through Child Play Therapy

Article on - Changing behaviors through Child Play Therapy

Many parents often get worried when a young child exhibits some form of behavioral problems. A child may be sad, inattentive - or in some cases - rebellious. These behaviors may affect their development patterns, and may cause disruptions to those around them. Adults may find it embarrassing to seek help as they fear that their child may reflect poorly on them. However, one common solution that schools use is child play therapy. This form of direction help children understand their negative feelings and deal with traumatic events to provide closure.
What is Child Play Therapy?
A child's thoughts and feelings are more naturally communicated through play rather than verbal cues. Child play therapy refers to a method of psychotherapy in which a child's fantasies and the symbolism of their play is used as a medium between a therapist and a child to improved understanding and better communication.
Children can be treated for the following non-exhaustive issues:
·        temper tantrums
·        aggressive behaviors
·        sleeping difficulties
·        feelings of neglect or loss
·        physical or sexual abuse or other trauma
Which occupations can provide Child Play Therapy?
An inclusive system encompassing various roles is needed to enable child play therapy in education institutions in Singapore. Therapists need to be able to communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds, confident and caring to help children in emotional distress to able to gain the trust of children.
Roles such as Education Psychology, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Trained Allied Educators are essential in providing the necessary therapeutic services to children who have encountered traumatic experiences .

In Singapore, there is a constant, high demand for jobs related to child play therapy.
If you are passionate about helping children, you can enrol at Arium School of Arts & Sciences. We provide students with an in-depth chance to learn about the psychology behind every child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, creative and language development.
Students will learn how to help these children with these disorders by applying their knowledge and sequentially receiving practical experiences as well.

We offer several courses related to Child Play Therapy:
·          Professional Certificate in Child Play Therapy
·          Professional Certificate in Child Development
·          Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology
·          Specialist Diploma in Educational Psychology
·          Graduate Diploma in Education & Child Psychology
We offer Professional Certificates for those interested in short courses that provide basic understanding of children with special needs. Our Diploma courses are endorsed by Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (Singapore).
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