07 Feb 2017


Article on - Empowerment

Effective empowerment is key to motivated employees and a successful organisation.

In a rapidly changing working environment, effective empowerment is an important tool in developing people and the organisations they work for. 
Empowerment recognises that nobody knows a job better than the person doing it and most people want to be involved in and take pride in their work.

Employees – Key to a Company’s Success
Empowerment can be viewed as a way of encouraging people in order to help them become more involved in the decisions and activities that affect their jobs. Knowing your customer, improving service delivery, continuous innovation, increased productivity and gaining a competitive advantage would not be possible unless organisations find new ways to empower their employees.
One of the approaches that recommended for business owners or managers to adopt is allowing employees the freedom to make more and bigger decisions without having to go through someone more senior. This includes giving them the opportunity to unleash their creative talents to show that they can come up with good ideas. This will inspire employees to put these ideas into practice, he said.

Leading by Example
If you want your peers to do what they say they will do, you have to prove yourself to be reliable. If you want to be innovative, you will have to be prepared to take risks. If you want others to make an extra effort, you will have to push yourself harder. If you want them to be open, you will have to be honest and sincere with yourself first.

This article was contributed by Excel Edge International.