18 Nov 2014

Reach Out Beyond Your Fans and Followers on Social Media (Part 2)

Article on - Reach Out Beyond Your Fans and Followers on Social Media (Part 2)

Below is an image example of social sharing buttons from AddThis, which even provides you with analytics when they are used.


  • Create a Facebook Commerce Application with Rewards
Facebook Pages have become part of a brand’s marketing arsenal. Facebook itself has mentioned that Page is the central place to grow business, build brand and develop relationships with customers. It is the mission control for brands on Facebook. One of the main features of Facebook pages is to develop applications to make the page more engaging. A Facebook Commerce or F-Commerce is an application created within a brand’s business page. It is an integration of e-commerce site onto the Page. Brands can explore F-Commerce and can sell their products on Facebook. Each item can have a social sharing feature so their fans can share or recommend the item to their friends.  In addition, loyalty rewards programmes like coupons and discounts can be given to loyal customers who make frequent purchase on the F-Commerce application. This not only retains the customers but at the same time, through the social sharing, will get new customers to buy the brand’s products on the F-Commerce application.
  • Reward Social Sharing Programme
The Reward Social Sharing Programme is one where brands award loyal customers with “social points” whenever they participated an activity (such as Like, Share, Comment) in response to the brand’s post on the brand’s Social Media channel. Telling the online community that there is a point system to reward the most active participants may result in fake “Supporters” or “Die Hard fans”. These “social points” are awarded without the online community’s knowledge. Instead, brands monitor the online community and set a weightage on the points for the activity performed by an individual (example: Like: 1 point, Share: 2 points, Comment: 3 points Post on Brand’s wall: 5 points and so on). The people who are the most active will likely be the “Supporters” and “Die Hard fans”. Points are then compiled over a regular period of time (example: monthly) and a group of “Supporters” and “Die Hard fans” with the range of highest points will be selected. The names of this group are then posted on the company’s Social Media channel appreciating their active participation and supporting the brand’s products and services. The rewards for them can be discounts, gift vouchers or even an exclusive event specially organised for them. They are encouraged to continue to participate and even share on their personal social media accounts. The cycle for the programme can be repeated and the brand will get more and more “Supporters” and “Die Hard fans” over time.
Using Social Media for business has many benefits and one way is to use it for building a customer loyalty program on the brand’s social media channel. This is because the recommendations via Social Media channels can reach a wider audience within a shorter time span, thus creating more awareness on the company’s loyalty program. For a start, company can consider the above points in this article to spearhead their Social Media Customer Loyalty program and I wish you success in developing one.
Richard Wong is a Social Media practitioner and strategist. He is also a trainer with an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment and gives training in this area. He is passionate in helping organisations embark on Social Media with a firm foundation and on the right track to achieve the results they desire.
With more than 20 years of corporate and entrepreneur experience, he has an extensive market exposure from North to South Asia, and an in-depth knowledge of how an organisation operates from Human Resource, Customer Service, Public Relations, Events Management, Sales Management and Marketing. He has worked in the Retail, Industrial, Manufacturing, FMCG, Food, Services and Information Technology industries.
He has been interviewed on Singapore Official 938Live radio, quoted in AsiaOne and given many talks on the subject of Social Media for major events such as the Malaysia Institute Accountants International Accountants Conference and the 5th Enterprise Development Centre Conference by Spring Singapore.
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