02 Mar 2022

S’pore Firm Has 90% Subsidy For Management Courses To Zhng Your Resumes

AgileAsia Offers Scrum Courses For Aspiring Managers To Upgrade Your Resumes

Job hunts these days can get a little complicated. Employers are looking for the cream of the crop and understandably so. Fancy templates and work experience can only do so much for your resumes, so working on other parts of the job hunt would do you some good.

Upskilling, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t require that much time anymore. In the era of online learning, picking up a skill that can add value to your resume can be as easy as completing a couple of virtual courses.

One of the most commonly used work frameworks these days is Scrum — essentially an idea that helps break down work projects into smaller, more achievable tasks, keeping you on course for that sweet moment of success.
AgileAsia provides courses that let anyone master the Scrum framework in just 2 days. Along with a hefty 90% government subsidy, you can start the week as a complete noob and celebrate TGIF as a fully-certified scrum master, for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s a little more on AgileAsia and Scrum.

Widely adopted skill courses to spruce up your resume

Your impressive resume may have landed you your first long-term job, but if you’re looking for new opportunities, your CV needs a revamp too.
Overhauling it with the latest design template off the Internet may not be enough, which is why adding new skills and certifications is the better way to go.

Having trained people and organisations in innovation for over 20 years, you can trust AgileAsia to provide reliable training and coaching. Besides firms and organisations, AgileAsia offers training for students too, so they can gain useful skill sets before entering the working world.

Within their company name itself, the term Agile describes the ability to make the best decisions in any given situation.

Focusing on only the most important things at any given time, the Agile method teaches individuals to break tasks into smaller components that they can work on one at a time.

Scrum is just one way of implementing the method and is used widely around the world. Hence, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice in your next LinkedIn job hunt.

Different Scrum courses to fit your required skill sets

Despite its prevalence in IT and software development, many other industries have started adopting Scrum, including companies like Netflix and Standard Chartered.

AgileAsia provides 2 main courses to get you a step closer to landing a job at major firms like the ones named above — Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM).
Preparing you to be a Scrum Product Owner, the CSPO course will shape you to be the mastermind behind big projects.

You’ll assign tasks, plan and prioritise work for other sections of the team, and communicate the progress with stakeholders while making adjustments along the way.

Whether it’s the launch of a new bubble tea flavour or building a new office for a start-up, you’ll be the one who’ll forecast the procedure from start to finish.
CSM is a whole other ball game but essentially, with the aid of the course, you’ll be, as the name suggests, a master of Scrum and all its teachings.

Equipped with in-depth knowledge of Agile, you’ll be able to communicate its best practices with the team as a Certified Scrum Master. You’ll also get to implement them within an organisation to help improve their work processes.
When your colleague in software development can’t wrap his head around the task you’ve just given to him, you’ll be there to explain its importance from a big picture perspective.

While both jobs work closely with one another, they require entirely different skill sets. To find out more about the differences and what suits you best, check out AgileAsia’s explainer here.

Scrum courses at AgileAsia claimable via SkillsFuture credit

If you’re raring to add these valuable skills to your resume, AgileAsia has upcoming CSPO and CSM courses that you can register for.

The 90% government subsidy means Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) need to only pay $214 of the original $2,140 course fees.

But, eligible individuals get the chance to participate for free, as the remaining 10% of course fees are claimable using SkillsFuture credit.

With each course running for only 2 days, you won’t have to stress over fitting it into your already busy schedules.

To check out the available dates and register for the courses, simply fill in the sign-up form available here.

You can also check out their website for a comprehensive overview and keep up to date with AgileAsia on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Get ahead of the curve with Scrum

As competition in the job market heats up, setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd could be the key to landing that dream job. And that starts with your resume.

With many industries adopting Scrum and Agile methods, you’ll be setting yourself up to be ahead of the curve once you get certified.

Get a headstart on your next major career move, and forge ahead in your path to success.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with AgileAsia.

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