17 Jan 2018

The Ultimate Tech-Talk Cheat Sheet

With technology touching every aspect of our lives and the topic of almost every conversation, it is easy to get lost in the sea of technology acronyms - especially when conversing with millennials or the IT department. So if you have ever been lost in this vast ocean of the technology boom, here’s a cheatsheet to decode the 10 most common technology acronyms!
Artificial Intelligence, simply put, it is when a computer or machine imitates intelligent human behavior. For an example, Alexa (Amazon), Bixby (Samsung) and Siri (Apple), who are “Personal Assistants” responding to your requests or questions. 
Also known as Internet bot or robot, they are software applications that run tasks automatically over the Internet. They are usually given repetitive tasks, such as indexing or responding to customer queries on a certain product, for example, the chat function on e-commerce websites where customers are able to ask questions after hours. 
Not exactly the ones in the sky, but ​Cloud​ as in memory or documents stored online. Common Cloud softwares include Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. These Cloud storage allows one to obtain and share documents of all types anytime and anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection available. 
Internet of Things​. Devices that are able to connect to the Internet and allow you to control its functions from a remote area. For an example, unlocking the door of your house for a friend who has arrived early for the party through a mobile application. 
Industrial Internet of Things. Similar to the IoT but on an industrial level, think bigger amounts of data being processed at a faster rate, controlling industrial machines and manufacturing output remotely and in real-time. 
Operating System. This refers to the operating system of your electronic device, this ranges from computers, tablets to Smartphones. Take for an example, Apple iPhones operate on iOS while Samsung Smartphones operate on Android. 
A form of ​coding language​ that has been influenced by the more commonly heard of C and C++. 
Virtual Private Network is a technology that gives you a private connection in an unsecured or open network. Most commonly used or heard when referring to gaining access to Facebook and Instagram when in a country that blocks common ​social media​ or ​search engine sites​. 

You will encounter this error code because you are unauthorised to view a page, most likely because of a failed login attempt. 
A #404 error happens when a page or a link that you have clicked on does not exist. It might have existed previously but has been taken down by the website’s admin or the web address has been wrongly entered. 
Now armed with a list of acronyms that helps you understand tech-talk better, hopefully you can carry out a fruitful conversation like a natural techy! If you are looking for more interesting articles like this to guide you along on your learning journey, head on over​ ​here​!