08 Aug 2018

Top 5 Hospitality & Tourism Technology Transformation Trends to Expect in 2019

Technology is ever-evolving. From automated check-ins to smart keys setting the drifts that are already in motion, below are some coming-of-age trends in the hospitality and tourism industry that we should look out for in 2019 in this month’s industry focus.


Hoteliers are on the verge of getting replaced by digital hoteliers otherwise known as ‘roboteliers’. Think of a web more intricate than Charlotte’s Web. While it is already in operation in some techno-dexterous nook and cranny of this world, it is set to turn wheels in 2019. With GDS (global distribution system) connectivity, your hotel bookings will be right on the radar. GDS is an elaborate network of travel agents which specialises in selling and booking travel products such as rooms and packages. This would be a checklist topper for tech-savvy globetrotters. Online travel brands are fixated on seamless navigation on handheld devices. Existing native travel applications are looking at making bookings as easy as just a swipe away.

Botlers In Charge

How does having cute robots deliver all your daily essentials right up to your room sound like? They are the robot butlers or better known as ‘botlers’. These service robots will shift paradigms in the industry’s landscape in 2019. Although they are already rolling in between the floors of hotel establishments, these ‘botlers’ are waiting to soar to fame in the years beyond with increasingly advanced features, functions, and capabilities.

A.I Chatbots

Startup companies are coming forth to replace concierges with artificial intelligence where ‘chatbots’ would respond to your needs while holidaymaking. It may rob the allure of human touch but it sure is a saving grace for those looking to elude any humanly interaction. And this could be done in your handheld devices once the apps hit the markets in 2019.

V.R Hardware

2018 might be the year that virtual reality gadgets make waves but you will be able to get your hands on them in 2019. And this is expected to start the fad of virtually visiting dream destinations from right where you are at. Oculus Santa Cruz may be on your Christmas wish list this year with an unbeknownst price tagged to it.

Do-Not-Disturb Goes Algorithmic

Housekeepers and chambermaids are required to step up their game as they might be required to use a chic infrared scanner application to detect body heat within a room to decipher if a guest is in the room or not to go about with their maintenance routine. Imagine having to let go of the traditional Do Not Disturb signs that we are so used to hanging on our door knobs to enjoy some private time in 2019.
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