03 Dec 2018

T.E.D. Awards 2018: Spotlight on Kaplan Singapore

Kaplan Singapore performed spectacularly at the third annual JobsCentral Learning’s Training & Development (T.E.D.) Awards 2018. The event, held at the end of October, saw Kaplan Singapore’s three business entities – Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA), Kaplan Higher Education Institute (KHEI), and Kaplan Learning Institute (KLI) – sweep away a record-breaking total of 11 awards in both the Private Education Institutions (PEI) and Corporate Training Providers (CTP) categories.
Under the PEIs category, Kaplan Higher Education Institute was rated best for Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Business Management, Law and Social Science. Kaplan Higher Education Academy in turn took three awards, for Communications & Media, Computer Science & IT and for Sales & Marketing.
For the CTPs category, Kaplan Learning Institute was saluted for Computer Science & IT, Finance Management and Senior Management & Leadership.
A Legacy of Greatness
Kaplan’s heritage traces back to 1938, when a humble young man named Stanley H. Kaplan felt a calling to raise the levels of education. He began by tutoring students in the basement of his parents’ home in Brooklyn, New York, with hopes of helping people fulfil their academic potential.
His legacy has continued until today, and Kaplan has expanded to have centres in over 30 countries, reaching over a million students worldwide.
Kaplan Singapore
Kaplan entered Singapore in 2005 and today, educates students from over 35 countries through over 550 academic programmes, professional certifications and training courses. Over 65,000 people have benefited and over 225,000 professional certifications have been given out as Kaplan strives to fulfill its mission to build futures, one success story at a time.
Kaplan Singapore’s vision is to become to private education institution of choice, and it does so by living up to five core values:
Being ethical with the belief that doing things right is the way to long-term growth.
Constantly seeking updated knowledge and striving to learn, to in turn be able to share this with the community.
Creating a support environment conducive for the success of students.
Constantly seeking ways to create opportunities for students.
Equipping students with the necessary tools to achieve their desired results, as their success is in turn, success for Kaplan.
Accolades At T.E.D. Awards 2018
Speaking to JobsCentral Learning during the ceremony, Mr Khoo Yu Hung, Director of Marketing & Communications, Kaplan Singapore shared his gratitude towards Kaplan’s industry partners, education partners, students and staff for helping make this possible. The awards, he said, are an important validation of Kaplan’s proposition.
Echoing his sentiments, Director of Business & Strategic Partnerships at Kaplan Learning Institute, Mr Andy Chew added: “The awards give us a benchmark to look at areas we can further improve in terms of innovation and in terms of adapting to change, especially now that a lot of industries are going through a transformation in terms of digitalisation.”
“We are ready to meet that challenge and equip companies and people with the relevant skillsets to move forward,” Mr Chew emphasised.
Moving Forward into 2019
Both Mr Chew and Mr Khoo are certain Kaplan will continue to strive towards greatness in the years to come, continually improving its offerings for the best educational experience possible.
“The Kaplan proposition really is about delivering a quality learning experience, that results in positive outcomes for learners across different age groups – from those pursuing higher education in the form of diploma programmes, degree programmes and post graduate programmes, all the way to professional development and financial certification,” Mr Khoo explained.
With these awards in tow, he added: “We hope that more learners in Singapore and internationally will start to consider us more as their preferred partner for learning.”
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