05 Jul 2018

Is an MBA Right for Someone Without a Business Degree?

When it comes to applying for an MBA or Master Degree programme, there is no single path that determines acceptance, and each school has different ideas about appropriate academic preparation. Minimum qualifications for students applying to MBA programmes can vary, whilst a Bachelor degree will be a helpful factor, others considered working experience as the most important consideration and do accept executives with extensive experience into the MBA.

Bachelor vs MBA?

For younger candidates with little or no working experience, it is highly recommended that they should attain a Bachelor degree which will provide them with the necessary business framework to gain an entry position into the job market. Bachelor degrees are more theoretical and academic in nature with the focus on traditional examinations as a form as assessment. 
For mature candidates with more than 5 years of working experience, they could consider embarking on an MBA or a Specialised Masters since the focus of an MBA is on practical applications and overcoming business challenges. Assessment for MBA also focus on case studies discussion, presentation and take home assignments rather than traditional examinations. This will greatly benefit students who will be able to "study over the weekend" and apply what they learn on Monday immediately. 

WHO you know vs WHAT you know

Whilst most Bachelor Degree students are focused on passing their examinations and learning theoretical concepts, MBA students typically focus on learning from one another, sharing and exchanging experience and life lessons. Growing Business Network is also an important reason why mature candidates prefer an MBA over a Bachelor degree since most MBA students have rich experience across different industries and countries, allowing the MBA students to expand business contacts across the region.
What is the True Value of an MBA?

To many, an MBA is considered the required tool to climb the corporate ladder. As companies look to future-proof and transform their businesses, hiring the right leader becomes of greater importance. In a crowded Marketplace, an MBA can boost your employability by equipping you with the skills and business network to compete and succeed. It is also particularly useful if you are in a corporation that encourages skills upgrading, and an MBA Qualification may result in a promotion or recruiters knocking on your doors.

So, When is the Right Time to Do an MBA?

It is never too old or too late to earn an MBA, when the student is ready, a teacher will always be available, when you have the right learning and growth mindset, you will benefit tremendously from any MBA programme. Some considerations below might be helpful for you.

Why do an MBA now?

  • I feel that it would give my career a further boost
  • The chance to network with future industry leaders will open up opportunities
  • The soft skills gained during the course will be useful in the future
  • An MBA qualification will open more opportunities and advancement upon completion
Why focus on work first?

  • Work experience plus strong workplace mentors allows me to gain real-world experience that a classroom might not offer
  • My role within the company is rewarding, and management has been noticing my contributions even without a management qualification
  • Evaluation and feedback processes in my workplace ensure that I can constantly grow
  • Internal upgrading programmes increase my opportunities to advance
  • Internal mentorship and the chance of internal transfers allow me to grow my skillsets

So How Much Should I Invest in an MBA?

Here is a look at the estimated costs of MBA programmes in Singapore. For the ones at public universities (NUS, NTU, SMU), fees stand at between $62,000 to $67,000 (for admissions in 2018). At leading private institutions, the amount can be anywhere between $15,000 to over $60,000.
But How to fund your MBA ambitions?

Let's face it, MBA is a heavy financial investment for most. At Aventis, we offer a suite of Executive Masters and Postgraduate Diploma programmes cater to the needs of different professionals and executives. We partnership with respected universities across London and USA to ensure we have the RIGHT Postgraduate programme for you and your financial budget. 

We also offer student grant, rebate and skillsfuture credit for our suite of graduate diploma programmes.
Over 2,000 Successful Alumni and 10 Years Track Record

We are ranked one of Singapore's TOP 5 Education Providers for Postgraduate Education (JobCentral Education Guide 2016). We have a proud track record of over 2,000 successful alumni and counting.
Blended Learning for Busy Executives 

As a Graduate School dedicated for working executives and professionals, we understand the challenges you face in juggling work, family and travel. Our courses are 100% coursework and case studies focus on ensuring you optimise your learning curve. Courses are also delivered on a modular basis to ensure you complete 1 module before you move on to the next module, resulting a higher success and passing rates. 

Relevant. Respected. Rewarding

Our University Partners, including California State University and The University of Roehampton London, are well-respected universities. The University of Roehampton London attained the following international rankings and accreditation:

  1. Times and Sunday Times University League Table 2016 ranked it 12th in London, and 78 in UK overall.
  2. The Guardian University League Table 2016 ranked it Top 80 in UK.
  3. The Complete University League Table 2016 ranked it 66th overall in the UK
  4. Research Excellence Framework 2014 ranked it 60th in UK for overall for research rankings of institutions
  5. The World University Rankings 2018 ranked it top 601-800 universities in the world (out of approx. 40,000)

Same Degree As Awarded On Campus

Upon successful completion of your studies, the Master Degree awarded will be same as the ones awarded on campus!
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