03 Dec 2018

T.E.D. Awards 2018: Spotlight on At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy performed well at the third annual JobsCentral Learning’s Training & Development (T.E.D.) Awards 2018 held at the end of October and was awarded Best Private Education Institute (PEI) for two categories of Culinary Arts, and Food & Beverage.
Building culinary authenticity
Established in 2001, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy has spent over a decade championing and cultivating global chefs through a learning environment of culinary authenticity, best-fit apprenticeships and research. Culinary arts and F&B education are taught by applying skills and recipes from East & West, Old & New World, Herbs & Spices and through Innovation & Technology, providing multiple avenues for budding Chefs and F&B professionals to develop their skills and passion.
In 2011, At-Sunrice expanded operations and opened a new WSQ integrated F&B Academy. Today, the academy offers three full-time WSQ diploma programmes in Culinary Arts, Pastry and Bakery, and Food & Beverage Management, four WSQ certificates in Food and Beverage Operations, Pastry and Bakery, Culinary Arts and Beverage Operations, as well as WSQ Continuing Education Modular (CEM) programmes.
At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy
Quality education
Testament to its quality education, At-Sunrice is one of the first culinary academies in Singapore to be awarded the National CET Institute (NCI) accreditation. It is also Edu-Trust Certified, proving that it meets standards for the six criteria of management commitment and responsibility, corporate governance, student fee protection and support, academic process and assessment of students, quality assurance and monitoring results, and proper management of external recruitment agents.
In addition At-Sunrice is also accredited by the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSG) and The World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS).
World class faculty
At-Sunrice faculty comprises chefs, food professionals and qualified instructors. These professionals hail from diverse backgrounds – ranging from award-winning food authors and Michelin Star experienced chefs to English majors, magna cum laude graduates, service excellence professionals and executive chefs. A good mix of staff from both Asian and Western countries ensures diversity and representation from across the globe.
Accolades At T.E.D. Awards 2018
Mr Christian Bruhns, COO of At-Sunrice told JobsCentral Learning that he was delighted with the results. Credit must go to the entire team he said – including the back-of-house, all the faculty members, chefs, student services and those in charge of the curriculum.
“We are good, but we want to be great. These awards will help us identify what we have to do, and how we are able to proceed to the next level,” Mr Bruhns declared.
Plans for 2019
He emphasised that At-Sunrice will not be resting on its laurels, but striving to improve their quality of education to bring the F&B sector further in the future.
“We are looking always for new pipelines for food professionals to use their knowledge and succeed in their career,” Mr Bruhns explained, adding that the academy had introduced a programme for food entrepreneurship and was in the midst of transforming the academy into a digital one.
“Every year At-Sunrice is helping develop the industry in Singapore, using a lot of new innovation to inspire young talent to proceed in their F&B careers,” he concluded.
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