28 Apr 2017

Perception Towards Hospitality Management Courses in Asia

By Lijush Chakkara Kunimel, Ex-Senior Lecturer, TMC Academy

A part of the tourism industry, hospitality has been ranked as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to a report by the World Tourism Organisation, one in eight employed are working in this industry. Due to the huge economic benefits which encourage national development and increase the standard of living for its citizens, many countries consider this to be a primary source of national revenue.

Although the hospitality industry still has a huge potential of growth, many in Asia shun the profession as it is often perceived as a low-level blue collar job which only consists of stewards and bell boys. However, that is hardly the case. In fact, the hospitality industry goes beyond just wait staff but also includes other professionals like Sales Manager, Business Analyst, Receptionist, etc. 

Hotels are businesses after all, and students who undertake a hospitality programmes are groomed to contribute and create an impact in the industry – not just remain as a waiter throughout his career. With that being said, job opportunities are not limited to domestic boundaries as the demand for hospitality professionals are not limited to Singapore but across the globe.

At TMC Academy, we equip students with industry relevant skills and provide them with a holistic education to succeed in their chosen career. The programmes offered at TMC Academy provide an exciting educational journey from Higher Diploma to Master’s Degrees and some are curated to have internships and industry attachments as part of the programme. Paired together with lessons taught in the programme, these internships and industry attachments, give students opportunities to apply theory into action and acquire the necessary skills to excel upon graduation.

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