23 May 2016

Maximise Your Learning Experience with a Smartphone

Recent studies have found that Singaporeans spend an average of 2 hours and 18 minutes a day on their smartphones. Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. They keep us connected to our social circles, provide endless hours of entertainment and boost productivity.

Since we are already spending so much time hooked onto this device, why not leverage on it to help maximise our learning experience?

Here are some ways a smartphone can provide that extra edge to stay ahead of the curve.

Revision On-The-Go
As smartphones are able to read PDF and Word documents, having course notes stored on your device makes revisions much more convenient. You no longer have to carry a stack of papers or a bulky laptop around – your notes can be stored on your phone. 

For those balancing work and studies, time can be a luxury. Hence, having notes on-hand will facilitate revision and preparation for class at your convenience.

Have Your Questions Answered
With the convenience of data-based mobile applications like WhatsApp and LINE, you are no longer alone in your quest for learning. Tap on this invaluable resource by creating a group chat with your classmates and better yet, include your lecturer. Any questions you may have can now be clarified in an efficient and timely manner.

Study Online
Your smartphone provides the convenience to take up massive open online courses and government approved online courses. Learning no longer has to take place in a boring classroom! Pick up a new skill from the comfort of your home, favourite café or even on your commute to work. This is productivity at its finest!

Feeling motivated to embark on your next learning journey? Take your first step here.