14 Mar 2016

A Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Choose the Right Course of Study

Whether you are a student planning for further education or a mid-career professional looking to upgrade yourself, you might have wondered this: what course of study should I choose?
For some, this is a relatively clear-cut decision as they may already be certain about their passion and what they want to do. But for many others, the choice can be overwhelming, and the struggle to navigate the various possibilities can sometimes lead to frustration and indecision.
So how do you make the right choice? How do you ensure that all factors are taken into consideration before choosing the course that is right for you?
This 5-step approach will guide you through the maze of possibilities so that you can make an informed decision.
Step 1: Ask yourself “why?”
Are you studying to extend your skillsets and boost career prospects? Are you looking to diversify your knowledge? Perhaps you are planning to pursue a different career path.
Establishing the “why” can help you to determine the course intensity, duration and curriculum that would best suit your goals.
For instance, those looking to sharpen their existing skillsets can consider pursuing in-depth, specialised courses. On the other hand, broad-based learning might be more ideal for those who want to learn a myriad of new things.
Step 2: Self-Assessment and Awareness
To determine what would be an ideal course of study, you must develop a certain degree of self-awareness. Start by taking a hard look at yourself, and consider these factors:

  • Personality: What type of person am I? What character traits stand out?
  • Passion: What motivates me? What are my interests?
  • Skills: What comes to me naturally? Which subjects do I score well in?
  • Experience: What jobs have I done? What type of work do I excel in?
The process can be as simple as noting the answers and assessing commonalities or it may entail the use of several instruments (like personality tests). Regardless of means, looking at the answers in combination can help you figure out what courses will be a good match.
Step 3: Research
With a clearer understanding of yourself, you can now research on the courses available and pick those that may be more aligned to your self-assessment.
Our JobsCentral Learning portal provides you with information on available courses, course outline details, schedules and industry information. These courses range from Project Management to Engineering and Entrepreneurship.
You can also visit the JobsCentral Career and Education Fair 2016, where you’ll get the chance to speak to experienced professionals to understand more about the various career options available and their requirements.
Step 4: Reality Check
Doing research is not enough – you also need to ensure that your decision is realistic. Knowing any foreseeable constraints will enable you to better manage expectations.
Some consideration factors include:
  • Time availability: Are you able to commit to a part-time or full-time course?
  • Financial ability: Should you be doing the course locally or overseas? If it’s the latter, can you afford the flights, tuition fees and cost of living? 
  • Current educational and professional qualifications: Do you fulfill the pre-requisites and minimum score requirements of a course?
  • Family commitment (for working professionals): Are you able to make necessary arrangements for childcare or elderly care when you embark on the course of study?
Step 5: Evaluate and Take Action
The last and most crucial step of the process is to set aside time to evaluate your findings. Review your options, shortlist your top three preferred courses and prioritise them based on preference.
Once you have settled on a suitable course, wait no further and start applying! Most importantly, enjoy the learning journey and complete it with lots of fun and self-fulfillment.
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Update as of 8th April 2016

[‎8/‎4/‎2016 3:20 PM] Julailah Wahid:
We would like to thank all those who visited our annual JobsCentral Career and Education Fair and made it a success. 

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