22 Feb 2021

Part Time or Full Time – How to Decide What Works for You

If you’re thinking of pursuing further education, congratulations! That is the first step to expanding your skills and embracing new possibilities.
However, having decided on the course and put aside the payment for it, some of us stumble at the next question: Should I do part-time study and continue to work, or put things on hold for two years or so to commit to a full-time degree?
Everybody is different, so the answer to this question isn’t an either/or situation. And in some cases, you will have no choice – certain degrees are only available full-time, for example.
That said, there are some factors that indicate which route is more suitable for you.
Generally, choose part-time study if:

  • You can multitask and juggle your work, study and other commitments
  • You need to fund your education through work
  • You prefer a more relaxed study spread out over many years
  • You are a self-directed learner and know where to seek help should you stumble
  • You are eager to meet students from all walks of life, as part time students generally make for a more varied cohort
Alternatively, choose full-time study if:
  • You find it more effective to concentrate on a single field at one time
  • You have funds saved to pay for your education
  • Your career will not suffer due to a two- or three-year break, and you have put aside this time to complete your degree
  • You prefer to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to a task and complete it as soon as possible
  • You prefer a more rigid and directed course structure where milestones and requirements are clearly demarcated
  • You enjoy interacting with your peers and look forward to making friendships beyond the classroom
Of course, much more consideration goes into the final decision, but these pointers should help set you on your way to the next step in your learning journey!