13 Mar 2015

Higher Education Round-Up: Local Universities' Featured Courses

There are opportunities aplenty in our local universities but many prospective undergraduates feel a sense of comfort by treading on a beaten path and reaching for opportunities that others, too, have reached for.

But if your goal is to stand out from the masses and obtain a degree that will chisel your unique edge, why not opt for a degree that is not your regular, say, Bachelor of Business Administration? Here’s a round-up of interesting local universities’ courses that most on the street would have never had opted for, and which will allow you the benefits associated with swimming against the current.

NTU’s Renaissance Engineering Programme

Planning to not only have one foot into but also soar in the engineering science sector? The Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) ensures students will possess the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes needed to achieve just that. It awards a dual-degree comprising the Bachelor of Engineering Science (with specialisation in a specific engineering discipline) and the Master of Science in Technology Management in 4.5 years.

This programme is special because undergraduates get to spend one year at the University of California Berkeley in the US, NTU’s first collaborating university partner for this flagship programme. REP students will be offered two popular courses that are unique to UC Berkeley and participate in an Industrial Orientation programme in Silicon Valley. This one-year overseas experience will enhance students’ learning experience and expose them to a global outlook that will prepare them for their future careers.

NUS’ Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies

If you’ve always adored theatre studies and hope to achieve a career in the Arts, consider this programme instead of seeking shelter under the safety of a popular degree in communications and new media.

NUS’ department of English Language and Literature offers its students majoring in Theatre Studies a variety of special opportunities including professional theatre internships, collaborations with writers on the NUS-FASS and The Old Parliament House Writing Fellowship, participation in creative writing modules and first-hand experience in stage production.

Theatre Studies graduates will be well-trained for a variety of arts and media careers such as journalism and arts design, and also have the potential to enter a wide range of professions that extends to teaching and even researching in the diplomatic sector.

SMU’s Bachelor of Social Science with Major in Political Science

The Bachelor of Social Science curriculum shares common modules with other degree programmes at SMU - these are modules such as Foundation Courses, University Core, General Education, and Technology and Entrepreneurship. SMU has always placed full emphasis on developing students into multi-faceted individuals with the potential to contribute to society in various ways, evidenced by its holistic curriculum offering.

Bachelor of Social Science students can choose their second major among Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. Any of the three will allow students the chance to broaden their intellectual perspectives beyond the social sciences and think critically. For instance, a major in Political Science will teach students about the protection of rights, organisation of power within countries, international relations and terrorism. Students can be certain that the knowledge they acquire will enhance their intellect and be extremely valuable in today’s globalised world.

SIT’s Bachelor of Arts in Game Design

A degree in game design is a dream come true for all gamers. This programme certainly invalidates aspiring game designers’ parents’ constant nagging about not being able to do well in school after dabbling in too many computer games.

Students will use their keen eye for detail and deft hands to design, model and create texture to 2D and 3D art assets. They will also put their skills to the test in real-world, collaborative projects where they will be given the opportunity to design, create a prototype of and iterate their own fully playable 2D and 3D games. How’s that for an exciting educational journey and future career in the dynamic video-game industry!

SUTD’s Bachelor of Science with a Major in Information Systems Technology and Design

If you think you have what it takes to improve the way machines are powered, take on SUTD’s IT studies and specialise in ISTD. This programme will allow you to leverage on data analysis and your understanding of good user experience to change the way information systems are run.

Graduates from ISTD will have doors of opportunities opened to them in software design and development, telecommunciations, data analytics, consulting and IT security sectors. They will also graduate with the qualifications that top-notch companies including Google, Microsoft and IBM look for – places where design and technology are combined to form products that will change the way we do what we do.