20 Sep 2017

Become Confident in Everyday English

Article on - Become Confident in Everyday English

Learning a new language like English can be a daunting task especially if you are picking it up at a later age, as University of Oxford scientists say that “adults may find learning more difficult than children because their brains store memories differently.”

At Hawthorn English Singapore, we make learning so fun and easy that you will soon find yourself another language to add in your resume. Apart from interactive and innovative teaching methods within the classroom, the teachers frequently conduct club activities and organise excursions for students to practise the language in daily conversations and interactions.

This course is designed mainly for organisations with a sizeable number of foreign or mature employees, who might have a weak command of the English language.

Acknowledging the importance of effective communication in the office, which helps to promote a productive and happy work place, Hawthorn English launched its latest short course programme – Everyday English. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively in English and most importantly become confident in using the English Language on a daily basis.

Why Choose Hawthorn English?

  •       Highly competitive course fee – $330 for 20 hours / 5 sessions x 4 hours each on Saturdays
  •       Specific and simplified topics
  •       Classes are designed to suit different levels of English
  •       Customisable programme (upon corporate request)
Areas of Customisation may Include:
  •        Everyday Social and Business English (formerly English for everyday speaking needs)
  •        Retail and Sales related English
  •        Hospitality (including Hotels, Restaurants) Relations English
  •        Customer Service related English

Companies or individuals who are interested to find out more about the course, visit here.