29 Aug 2014

Why Doing Less for Your Invest Is More

Article on - Why Doing Less for Your Invest Is More

Common investors seek the best of everything when it comes to their money. And they are often in the hunt for the largest returns with the lowest risk. So, do higher returns always come with higher risk?

Chasing after the hottest and latest financial instrument and product does not equate to the best investment performance. In fact it is the least likely of sources that have raked in some of the largest investment returns of all time. The best part - it has achieved this amazing feat with also the least time invested!

Do you want to uncover the most underrated investment strategy of all time?

The simple answer to all your pain is to focus your investment into Dividend Paying Stocks.

What Is 'More'?

Did you know that by owning a simple dividend paying stock, it would have provided you with a 900% return in the last 20 years? While another would have reaped you 2190% returns in 30 years, if you had simply bought it and left it!

It is also with dividend stocks that people find great assurance with their investments. Investors who are holding these stocks seldom panic sell in a big market correction or sell off in the markets.

So why are there just not enough people getting interested in this method of investing then?

Well, simply because there is less marketing glitz on this methodology called ‘Income Investing’!

After all, the more publicized the method, the more attention it grabs. Wouldn’t you know more about ‘value investing’?

How Do You Do Less – Look at Dividends

I like to keep my investing simple. Keeping it simple leads me to follow the trail of money, which is the heartbeat of a successful company.

1. Dividends Show Company has Cash. A company with a strong dividend track record simply oozes cash flow safety like no other! As simple as that.

2. Dividends can be a Safety Feature. Dividend stocks give common investors a red flag signal in times of trouble. This is unlike value investors who do not posses this benefit, unless they keep their homework in check and up to date on any company.

Cash, being the lifeblood of any company simply means that when any company falls into signs of trouble, they will go to any means to get more cash to save the company, and to sustain its lifeline. Dividend policies are often targeted during these times. At times of trouble, this often results in a dividend cut or dividend termination.

This is a red flag that any investor in the company should heed. It is akin to a tenant living inside your investment property but no longer paying rent!
2 Steps to Achieving More

As long as you stick to the simple 2 policies to investing, you will begin to see vast improvements in your investing performance in the long run from today onwards.

Dividend Investing Success Steps:

1. Buy Dividend Stocks Near Their Historical High Dividend Yield Rates
2. Re-invest all dividends into more stocks to accumulate compounding effect and dollar cost averaging

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