30 Nov 2017

T.E.D. Awards 2017: Spotlight on Kaplan Singapore

Kaplan Singapore soared at the second annual JobsCentral Learning’s Training & Development (T.E.D.) Awards 2017 held at the end of October. With three business entities – Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA)Kaplan Higher Education Institute (KHEI), and Kaplan Learning Institute (KLI) – Kaplan Singapore walked away with a total of nine awards in both the Private Education Institutions and Corporate Training Providers categories.

Under the former category, Kaplan Higher Education Institute won Best Accountancy, Business Management, and Law courses. Kaplan Higher Education Academy was awarded Best Marketing and Psychology under the same category, and the Gold Standard Award for Computer Science & IT.
For Kaplan Learning Institute, it was saluted the Gold Standard under the Corporate Training Providers category for Computer Science & IT, Finance Management, and Senior Management & Leadership.

The Beginning of Great Things

Kaplan’s heritage and history dates all the way back to almost 80 years, beginning in 1938 with a humble and compassion man by the name of Stanley H. Kaplan. Driven by his vision to elevate individuals through the means of education and academic excellence, he began tutoring students in the basement of his parents’ home in Brooklyn, New York.

Today, it has centres in over 30 countries, engaging over 1 million students worldwide and employing over 19,000 staff.

Kaplan Singapore

Kaplan ventured to our shores in 2005 to broaden its mission to provide quality professional and postgraduate education. Its vision is to be the ‘private education of choice’ driven by five core values and culture:

Ethics and doing things right are the only way to sustain long-term growth. There is no greater belief that the institution has than integrity.

There is no expiry date to learning. Acquiring knowledge goes beyond paper qualifications or certain ages. Kaplan Singapore believes in lifelong learning and it constantly strives to expand its knowledge so that it may benefit its students, colleagues, employees and community.  

A supportive environment is how Kaplan Singapore aims to groom and train its students to succeed and have a fruitful experience while pursuing an education.

Providing opportunities and creating possibilities are of utmost priorities to Kaplan Singapore. Be it for students, employees or communities, Kaplan Singapore builds its future by building the successes of others.

Students’ success is the measure of success for Kaplan Singapore. Its aim is to equip them with the means and tools to achieve their measurable goals.

Accolades At T.E.D. Awards 2017

JobsCentral had an opportunity to speak to the management of Kaplan Singapore at the ceremony about their wins. Leon Choong, President of Kaplan Singapore, expressed “delight at the results as this accords Kaplan Singapore with these awards for the second consecutive year.”

“Winning (those awards) indicate the high quality of our programmes that the public and panel of judges recognised,” he elaborated.

Wayne Marriot, Executive Director of Kaplan Learning Institute, felt “really happy with the team” and felt it was “one of those moments that make you feel the efforts you have put in this year and all the past years have really paid off.”

Mr Marriot continued to sing the praises of his team, citing them for “a fantastic job with a great focus and deep understanding of the Singapore markets”, and as one of the reasons for the institutions’ wins.

Mr Choong concurred, and added, “The valuable support, passion and dedication from our staff and lecturers in delivering the curriculum with practical real world examples contributed to our success.”

Moving Forward Into 2018

What would be the plans for Kaplan Singapore moving forward into the New Year then? Mr Choong shared, “We will continue to be committed in delivering quality education programmes to aspiring learners who study with us.”

“Kaplan Singapore will not take this vote of confidence in us for granted and continue to strive in making our prorgammes industry-relevant. Our aim is help our students to be career-ready in the dynamic and evolving industries of today,” he concludes confidently.

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