28 Sep 2017

How Far Are You Into the Skills Future?

Apart from its famous $500 SkillsFuture Credit scheme for every eligible Singaporean, the SkillsFuture umbrella has more to offer than just that. From subsidies for employers to upgrade their employee’s skills to bond-free scholarships, the SkillsFuture umbrella has kept true to its core mission of making lifelong learning a part of all Singaporean’s lives.

Here are the three latest developments and new awards for SkillsFuture eligible Singaporeans.

Awards for Persons With Disabilities and Disability Employment Professionals

Apart from just aiding the general public in upskilling, $120,000 in the last year has gone to help Persons with Disabilities and Disability Employment Professionals (those who help support disabled persons in the workplace). A total of 24 applicants have benefitted from this thus far, each of whom have been awarded $5,000.

These two Study Award categories are specifically dedicated to Persons with Disabilities and Disability Employment Professionals, under SkillsFuture and SG Enable. Both categories support eligible parties in advancing their academic qualifications, and deepen their skillsets to contribute to Singapore’s growing economy. It would be good to note that these Study Awards do come with some conditional terms and the application window is currently ongoing.

SkillsFuture Fellowships

Are you someone, or know of someone dedicated to a skill for more than a decade, is a strong advocate for lifelong learning and a mentor figure at work? Then this might be great news for you. SkillsFuture Fellowships is a tripartite study scholarship of sorts that is bond-free, and is awarded through SkillsFuture to eligible Singaporeans.

Up to 100 SkillsFuture Fellowships can be expected to be given out annually. Of which, 30 recipients may receive financial awards of $10,000 each to support their academic pursuits and proficiency.

Work and Learn - Pharmacy Sector

With the growing ageing population and expanding medical sector in Singapore, it is no surprise that the Pharmacy Sector is getting a boost with the SkillsFuture Work and Learn Programme. Such programmes allow learners of all ages to pick up a new skill and practice what is learnt - this means that you will draw a salary as you advance your skills. This is for application for those who already have a diploma in pharmacy or related sciences, but want to further specialise in a particular pharmaceutical skill, or generally upskill so that they remain relevant and advance in their sector. This can range from an advanced diploma or professional certification, the course duration varies and can last anywhere from one to three years.

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