15 Jun 2017

Computer Science and IT Courses, The Next Direction for Course Seekers

The annual JobsCentral Learning survey findings revealed a significant surge of interest towards Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) courses with 15 percent of the respondent’s votes. Taking the second spot on the list of top five most preferred courses for 2016 is Business Studies and Management.  

With technology spearheading its way through almost every industry, the need for technology-related skills have never been more pressing. It is no wonder that Computer Science and IT courses have made its way to the top five most preferred course this year as the second most popular course of study. In comparison with last year’s results, Computer Science and IT courses jumped five spots and outdid perennial favourites such as Finance, Investment and Accounting courses which all fared slightly poorer. 

Preference for Computer Science and IT courses soared this year despite its virtual non-existence in the previous years’ ranking. This preference can be attributed to three factors. Namely, the perception that technology based companies are the future, current companies adopting technology in their operations and Singapore’s dream of being a Smart Nation.

In an increasingly digitalised world, technological firms are seen by many as vital firms and the main economic driver of our future. With technology giants such as Google and Facebook setting up shop in Singapore and an increase in technology start-ups, the IT industry is posited to be an exciting one filled with tremendous growth potential.

Apart from technology based companies, other sectors recognise that incorporating technology into their business model is an important step to take in order to remain current to their audience. These include shifting marketing strategies to a digital platform, and reading data analytics to better understand the audience.

Lastly, the Singapore government is making a strong push for the IT industry as it has plans to be the world’s first Smart Nation. Funds have been dedicated to expand training schemes to equip Singaporeans with relevant IT skills and foster IT talents in a bid to strengthen our workforce.

With these aforementioned contributing factors, current and future in-demand skills are projected to be IT related. As such, technology related disciplines and courses once shunned by many are now finding favour with the masses.

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The findings used in this article was drawn from the annual JobsCentral Learning survey conducted by Kariera Group Singapore which remains the most comprehensive study done on the higher education landscape in Singapore. The JobsCentral Learning survey 2016/17 was based on a total sample size of 4,580 respondents.