24 Jan 2017

2017’s Top 5 In-Demand Skills

New year, new resolutions and a new growing demand for those who possess a specific set of skills. While most in-demand skills on this list mainly revolve around digital platforms, read on to find out what other non-digitally linked skill is relevant today.

Cloud Computing
No, we are not referring to the tiny particles and water vapour droplet clusters found in the sky. Cloud Computing refers to online data storage. The term relates to a network of remote servers which allow companies or individuals to store, manage and process data online. As broadband speeds increase and become more stabilised throughout the world, companies and individuals are proceeding online to seek data storage for the on-demand convenience it brings. There are a diverse range of roles needed in Cloud Computing, these include Cloud Architects, Software Engineers, Security Engineers and Systems and Network Engineers.

User Interface Design
The user’s experience is a key factor to take note of when building a website. With more websites sprouting up online, there is a significant demand for those who understand User Interface (UI) Design. In our fast-paced world where 30 seconds is too long, building an aesthetically pleasing website is no longer what “counts” to attract and retain visitors to a website. Instead, the focus has shifted to building a website that is functional and easy to navigate around - from the perspective of a user. Are controls easily accessible? Can a visitor navigate within the site easily? Where should you include a pop-up window to encourage newsletter subscriptions? These fall under the care of a UI developer.

Digital Marketing
Going beyond traditional forms of marketing, Digital Marketers hone an additional set of skills which allow them to target audiences via digital platforms. From driving traffic and interest to a website, to strategising campaigns which help boost a company’s reputation and branding online, these are some roles a Digital Marketer plays. Even though some studies show a slight dip in the demand for Digital Marketers recently, job listings still show a strong demand for Digital Marketers as companies seek for new ways to amplify their presence online.  

Mobile Development
Mobile Development (not to be confused with mobile game development) is an in-demand skill which is still rather niche now but definitely looks set to grow in the next couple of months. Having a website is great, but that is no longer enough to capture a share of eyeballs – especially for FinTech and service related industries. Companies are constantly looking for ways to help make their products available on-the-go for their clients, and this is where Android or iOS developers come in. They assist in building interactive mobile applications for either platforms to further assist companies in retaining and attracting new clients.

It may not come as a surprise to some, but Nursing is in-demand, as it has been for the last couple of years. In a bid to catch up with demand and an ageing population, more hospitals are scheduled to open within the next few years and nurses are a much needed anchor to staff these new institutions. With that being said, Nursing is not the only medical skill which are in-demand. Apart from Doctors, Dentists and Specialists, hospitals and medical institutions in Singapore are also facing a shortage of other clinical professionals which include radiographers and therapists.

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