03 Jun 2016

Find the Perfect Living Accommodation When Studying Overseas

Preparing for your studies abroad can be a daunting experience – one that requires dedication and research. From the official paper work that needs to be handled to living in a new environment and adjusting to an entirely different culture.

And if you’re living off campus, you are now solely responsible for everything in the household, which means full independence. However, along with it comes the freedom to manage your time and personal space to your whim and fancy – of which you would not really get to experience when living on-campus.

We’ve compiled three tips to help ease the process of searching for a place to call home while studying overseas. 

The most efficient way to find out more about a neighbourhood is through extensive online research. Learn more about the neighbourhoods surrounding your school through school or public forums, and tap on Google Maps to give you a better 360-degree look and feel of the surroundings.

As with any good location comes a heftier price tag. It is not uncommon for rentals around a school to be priced slightly higher. The challenge is to find a balance between distance and your accommodation budget. A few other things to take into consideration are the travel time to school, apartment amenities, proximity to stores and the general security of the neighbourhood.

Money Matters and Personal Information
Be cautious when it comes to transferring funds and sharing of any personal information. Ensure all bank transfers and personal information are only shared with the renter or property agent. All documents should be properly kept and dated. This includes any emails, calls or messages and bank transfer details shared with the renter or agent.
In the event of any miscommunication, these documents and emails will come in useful when making your case.

Seek Help
If you are looking to engage an agent, ensure that they are trustworthy. Head online to conduct a quick search on them via housing forums or social media pages (if any) beforehand. This will give you a better grasp of their credibility level.

Alternatively, you could seek recommendations from your school’s administration office.  In addition, you will attain more insights as the office usually provides a digital platform of sorts, for other international students to mingle and share personal accommodation experience. 

Studying and living overseas can be a great new adventure for those who are adventurous enough to seize the opportunity. If however looking for local study options, head on over here for more details!